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The basics A man was arrested in Paris on Tuesday June 1st. According to Le Parisien, he could be the person who was filmed beating the delivery man Uber Eats and making racist remarks.

The man suspected of being the perpetrator of racial slurs and beatings against an Uber Eats delivery man in Cergy (Val-d’Oise) was discovered on Tuesday 1st. He was found at 12:45 pm in the 10th arrondissement of Paris Arrested by the BAC and taken into police custody.

As a reminder, in a huge video that was shared on Twitter, the attacker can be heard making racist remarks against the young man and a woman who is filming the racist act. “You dirty black guy, nobody touches you with a stick (sic)”. And to add: “You dirty black guy (…) we sold you like cattle for 800 years”

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On Monday, March 31st, the Val-d’Oise national police announced on Sunday evening in Cergy that a judicial investigation would be launched to identify the perpetrator of threats and racial slurs.

At the request of the Anti-Integrophobia Brigade collective, almost 150 people gathered in front of the restaurant where the attack took place on Monday afternoon. Neither the delivery man nor the attacker are employees of the restaurant.

The prefecture issued an official closure order for the restaurant “Brasco” for seven days out of “the need for order” and “public silence”.

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