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Nobel laureate Malala Yusufzai is once again threatened by a Taliban terrorist. The Taliban terrorist tweeted from his Twitter account and wrote that there will be no mistakes this time. Nine years ago, the same Taliban terrorist attacked Malala with a deadly attack. However, after this dangerous tweet, Twitter permanently deleted the account from which the tweet was created.

According to reports, Malala himself gave information about the Taliban threat by tweeting. Asked the Pakistani army and Prime Minister Imran Khan how Ehsanullah Ehsan who attacked him escaped government custody? Ehsan was arrested in 2017 but escaped in January 2020 from a so-called secure hiding place where he was being held by the Pakistani intelligence agency.

Controversy remains regarding the circumstances of Ehsan’s arrest and flight. Since his leak, Ehsan had communicated with Pakistani journalists via the same Twitter account, threatening the Urdu language. She has had several Twitter accounts, all of which have been closed. Prime Minister’s adviser Rauf Hasan said the government was investigating the threat and immediately asked Twitter to shut down the account.

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