“A united nation has 17 plans for Christmas”

Posted: Friday December 18 2020 19:40

Pablo Casado once again attacks government management of the coronavirus. The PP leader accuses the executive of hiding behind the autonomies to impose restrictions on Christmas and criticizes that there are “17 different plans” for the holidays.

“We have to see how a united nation has 17 projects for Christmas,” he criticized during an act in Galicia, after health confirmed this week that the plan initially agreed in the Interterritorial Council is maintained, but that the regions will be able to toughen the measures, as several have already done.

“For the good news, the government is coming out, for the bad news, that the regional presidents manage,” said Casado, who maintains that the executive of Pedro Sánchez “is once again parapet in the autonomous communities”. “One thing is co-governance and another is bad government. One thing is collaboration between administrations and another is the cowardice of the first administration,” he condemned.

Groom asks for “common criteria” so that “we don’t have to be with an assignment card at Christmas”

According to him, “it would be good if the government had common criteria in Spain with the margin that each autonomous community has an impact”. In this sense, the popular leader insisted on the need for “common ground so that at least we know how to manage ourselves” and “we do not have to be with an assignment card at Christmas depending on whether your parents live in Valencia or if your children are studying in Galicia “.

In Casado’s opinion, the government did not do it because of “cowardice” and “incompetence”, assuring that its “terrible management of the first wave” and its “excess of triumphalism” at the beginning of the summer – which he attributed to electoral purposes – “It made this second wave affect us more than any other country in Europe.”

Critics of Illa

Casado also took advantage of his intervention in La Coruña to file a complaint against the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, who confirmed this Friday that the vaccination will begin on December 27.

“A minister who seems today to say” I am talking about the vaccine “,” criticized the president of the PP. Vaccine, he added, that “the autonomous communities will have to apply”. “Talking about the 13,000 vaccination centers in Spain is something very curious, we should start talking about who has the health centers in Spain and who manages them,” he added.

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