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Checking your bike’s tire pressures isn’t always easy, is it? There are many innovations that try to make our lives easier, but they have certain limitations. Particularly noteworthy is the hose with an NFC chip from the Austrian manufacturer Tubolito.

This innovative technology makes it possible to detect tire pressure by simply placing your smartphone near the chip. The data is then transferred to a dedicated application installed in the phone. The idea is great, except that only Tubolito tubes come with it, not to mention tubeless tires … the PSIcle sensor, however, promises a game changer.

Why is ?

The PSIcle sensor is the brainchild of three engineers from Minneapolis: Via Rover Development, the trio designed and presented an NFC-based tire pressure sensor that is simply screwed onto a Presta valve. Regardless of whether the tire on your bicycle is tubeless or with a tube, the PSIcle sensor has been specially developed to be compatible with all bicycle tire models.

The pressure is then measured on the smartphone using a dedicated and free application. Its creators proudly stated that the measurements provided by the gadget are “instantaneous”. They are also “updated” as you inflate your tires.


But that’s not all, because the PSIcle sensor also has the special feature of working without batteries! Since it uses NFC technology (Near Field Communication Technology), the sensor does not require any electricity to operate. All you have to do is bring your smartphone (NFC compatible, of course) closer to the sensor: the technology then turns the sensor on and off while the application starts automatically to measure your bike’s tire pressure.

Photo credit: Rover Development

Two versions available

The PSIcle sensor is currently the subject of a campaign on Kickstarter. The gadget is available in two versions depending on the tire pressure of your bike: 0-40 psi and 0-400 psi. It comes in a two-pack with a discounted price of $ 52 for initial orders that ship in September 2021.

The second wave of delivery is announced for November 2021, with a slightly higher price: US $ 56 per pair of sensors. After the campaign is over, interested parties can order directly from the Rover Development website.

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Concept: PSIcle Sensor Manufacturer / Designer: Rover Development (Christopher Larsen) Official site: Crowdfunding campaign: psicle-sensor

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