A warning to the Taliban and a lesson to the Afghan leadership, what did Jaishankar say at the SCO meeting? – s jaishankar presents indian view on afghanistan at sco meeting in dushanbe

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Jaishankar talks about India’s outlook on Afghanistan at Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting Jaishankar warns Taliban against seizing power through violence He calls on Afghan leaders and Taliban to find solution permanent through dialogue Dushanbe
A meeting of the Contact Group of Foreign Ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on Afghanistan was held in Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, who attended the meeting, presented India’s vision for Afghanistan to the world. Jaishankar also warned the Taliban against seizing power through violence. He also advised Afghan leaders to take all ethnic and religious groups with them.

asked to settle the dispute through dialogue
Jaishankar said the entire world, the region and the Afghan people want a free, neutral, integrated, peaceful, democratic and prosperous nation. It is extremely important to stop the violence and terrorist attacks against the citizens and elected officials of the country. The conflict in Afghanistan must be resolved through political dialogue. All parts of Afghanistan must respect the interests of all ethnic groups and ensure that their neighbors are not threatened by terrorism, separatism and extremism.

Target Pakistan and the Taliban
In an indirect attack on Pakistan, he said there were forces working in Afghanistan with a very different agenda. Therefore, the biggest challenge is to act on these beliefs seriously and honestly. He also questioned the violence of the Taliban and said the world was against violence and the seizure of power by force. It will not be considered valid for such actions.

I said peace talks were the only option
India’s foreign minister told the Taliban and the Afghan government that honest peace talks were the only answer. Both sides need an acceptable deal that reflects the Doha process, the Moscow project and the Istanbul process. The future of Afghanistan cannot be its past. A whole new generation has different expectations. We must not disappoint them.

Power and the two poles of power in Afghanistan
Currently, there are two poles of power and power in Afghanistan, the first being the elected government and the Taliban. India has worked with the elected government for 20 years. From building the Parliament there to building dams and roads, Indian engineers and money have been invested in many projects. But, India has never had a relationship with the Taliban. At the same time, the link between Pakistan and the Taliban is well known. In such a situation, India cannot play a big role in Afghanistan apart from the Taliban, reinforced by the withdrawal of American forces.

Heavy loss in India due to Taliban coming to power
If the Taliban reinforce itself in Afghanistan, experts say, it will be a matter of concern for India. The Taliban have traditionally been close to the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. In such a situation, if the Taliban come to power or become stronger, it may harm India’s interests on Pakistan’s orders. India has invested billions of dollars to develop Afghanistan.

According to the report, India has so far provided more than $ 3 billion in aid to Afghanistan. That is why the Parliament building, roads and dams were built there. India is still working on 116 community development projects. These include education, health, agriculture, irrigation, drinking water, renewable energies, sports and the construction of administrative infrastructure. India is also working on a mulberry and drinking water dam project for Kabul.

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