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The essentials An 18-year-old waitress from Montpellier, who forgot to lock her front door before going to bed, had a nasty surprise when she woke up: a man who wanted to rob her apartment slept at the foot of her bed.

An unusual affair occurred in Montpellier on the night of Monday June 1st to Tuesday June 2nd. An 18-year-old waitress who went to bed and forgot to lock her door woke up to find a stranger at the foot of her bed. She was woken up around four in the morning by the snoring of a stranger, as our colleagues from Midi Libre report.

After this horrific discovery, the young woman fled her apartment as discreetly as possible so as not to wake the intruder. As she left, she found several bags with her belongings in the lobby of the building. She immediately contacted the police.

He says he is very tired and is looking for a place to sleep

The burglar is still dozing deeply when the police arrive. It’s also heavily alcoholic. The police find that he has an alarm pistol on his belt and steal it before waking him. The intruder rebels, insults and beats the police, who manage to control him and take him into custody.

The burglar, already known to the police, is a 26-year-old young man of Algerian origin who is already obliged to leave the country. In his defense, he said he was very tired and took advantage of that open door to find a place to sleep. However, he could not explain why there were bags full of the victim’s belongings in the hallway of the building. He is being referred for immediate appearance this Thursday for aggravated theft and violence against police officers.

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