Ábalos responds to criticism of Bildu’s support for budgets, speaks of “democratic normalization”

Publication: Thursday, November 12, 2020 18:53

Minister José Luis Ábalos speaks out on Bildu’s support for budgets and assured that, “with the mentality of some, the transition would have been impossible today”, in response to criticism from the opposition and also from within the PSOE.

He insisted that in Spain “a lot of work has been done for democratic normalization” and spoke of the memory of being hidden during the dictatorship. He also referred to the role of Santiago Carrillo and Manuel Gutiérrez Mellado during the 23-F coup:

“Two people who even clashed during the civil war at the time agreed to defend democracy, is that possible today?” He wondered, then said added: “Can we accept that a force is in Parliament but does not normalize its performance? And we must value it, because who won is democracy”, he insisted.

Criticism within the PSOE

Within the PSOE, some regional leaders have called this scenario a “failure” and admitted having “a very painful feeling”. This is the case of the chairman of the board, Guillermo Fernández Vara, who spoke on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

“Seeing Otegi being the key to deciding the ELP, the state that fought against a terrorist group, gives me a very painful feeling. On the one hand, the failure as a country for not being able to make them irrelevant. Personally, I will go to the pharmacy to look for an antiemetic (a medicine to control nausea), ”he wrote.

And, although he prefers “that they be in institutions rather than kill”, he considers that “the memory of the victims of ETA does not deserve that they are so relevant in our lives”.

The general management of the PSOE is surprised but defends that it must execute the budgets

A reaction which “surprised” the general leadership of the party because, they say, “this type of exit is not typical of Fernández Vara”. They recognize that the decision to go along with Bildu is not accepted, but they argue that general state budgets must be executed.

For his part, Adrián Barbón, the Asturian president, also insisted on the fact that the budgets “must come out” because otherwise, “we cannot face the remains of this country”. He ensures that the pact with the Basque formation “is not a dish of good taste”, but now the accounts count.

It is not a comfortable debate, but the Autonomous Communities also need these budgets

“It is not a comfortable debate, but you have to understand that colleagues in Congress think that there must be budgets and that the autonomous communities also need them,” he said in an interview on Onda Cero, in which he also recounted what happened with attitude of the PP. “I would like in Congress to have more responsibility on the part of everyone,” he said.

The President of Aragon, Javier Lambán, opted for “ Onda Cero ” to separate the budget negotiations from those of the elimination of Spanish as the lingua franca in education, designating the citizens as privileged partner for s hear on the public accounts, because it is one of the demands of the orange party.

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