Abascal accuses Sánchez’s government of “illegitimate, negligent and criminal”

Updated: Wednesday October 21, 2020 12:25 PM

Published on: 10/21/2020 11:45 AM

“Illegitimate”, “negligent”, “criminal,” mafioso “,” cruel to the dying “… Disqualifications and attacks against the coalition government focused the speech of Santiago Abascal and Vox to defend their motion of censure. ” Mr. Sánchez has become an unscrupulous president. Spain has never had a president with such will to power, ”said Abascal, who also made very harsh accusations against Vice-President Iglesias.

“Iglesias is responsible for the inhuman abandonment of the elderly in nursing homes. They asked for medicine and gave them morphine, they were silenced. One day, history will judge them for cruelty to the dying. “, cracked Abascal to the chief of Podemos, of which we will not know the answer in a predictable way. until tomorrow Thursday.

Poor handling of the COVID pandemic and all like that in general. Abascal even accused Sánchez’s government of “refusing to bring water to the four corners of Spain” and of “ancestral worship of Mother Earth”. “Shamans, witches … you keep looking at the sky and announcing the apocalypse,” added the leader of Vox, calling for denial of climate change.

Even the WHO has not escaped the attacks of Abascal, who accuses the body of being “an ally of the Beijing regime”. “China has hidden the reality of the pandemic from the world. We think Trump did well to cancel his participation in the WHO,” Abascal argued of the “Chinese virus”, a term also used by Trump, which he defended by arguing that “created a distorted image of the US president.”

Abascal, in a speech lasting more than two hours, also justified his motion (doomed to fail for lack of support) on the need “to stop the process of destruction of Spain that began with Zapatero “. However, and according to Pedro Sánchez, the real problem is that “Abascal hates Spain as it is”. Something totally wrong according to Chief Vox, who is “proud” to use the motion as “an instrument to reprimand the Prime Minister”. “We don’t hate you, you do. We come to give a voice to millions of outraged Spaniards,” he told Sánchez.

Thus, and in terms of program, the candidate Vox for the presidency announced that he would call an election before the end of the year if his motion of censure in the coalition government is successful. The Vox leader says they will form a “national emergency government” until these elections take place and he has addressed the popular caucus to ask for their support and “build an alternative”. However, the PP still does not reveal the meaning of its vote, although some leaders of the People’s Party advance in LaSexta that they will opt for the “no”.

For having asked, between “cheers” to the king and Spain, Abascal also requested the support of the Socialist deputies: “I knew they were going to laugh. They have the opportunity to distance themselves from the ruin and death this government brings.

In his proposal for an alternative “to the most expensive government in democracy”, a little surprise outside of his program. Vox pledged to overcome the autonomous state, the return of powers, to eliminate subsidies to unions, parties and employers and to reindustrialize Spain.

Because government, in Abascal’s words, “lives in another century, in another millennium and in another world.” And “look after the interests of the privileged”, with regard to immigration issues. It was then that Vox used another of its “hits”: the call effect. “Sánchez’s collaboration with human traffickers has caused a so-called effect. They favor the invasion of our coasts,” Abascal insisted (with mention of unaccompanied minors included).

Message previously repeated by Ignacio Garriga, the Vox deputy responsible for explaining the reasons (which, he says, are many and varied) which led them to present this motion of censure. And it is that “our streets are now scenes of thefts and rapes, while thousands of compatriots die and families live in ruins”, says Garriga, who painted a chaotic Spain. “Crime has invaded our streets!” He added.

A “disaster” of a government which brings “ruin and poverty” and which organizes “an 8M which led to the death of thousands of Spaniards”. Because yes, they also insisted on the fact that the executive and the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, “confronted women with their insane feminism”. Another recurring argument that they picked up once again in Congress. “They made women a victim. Ms. Montero, stop speaking on behalf of women,” Garriga said.

And from Minister Montero to Iglesias. According to Congressman Garriga, the vice president “lied” about the harassment he suffered during his family vacation. A trip to Asturias that, remember, Iglesias and Montero took with their young children. Low blow and little (or nothing) linked to the management of the pandemic. But it is that, defends Vox, there were many reasons for the motion, including the “clothes” of the members of United We Can.

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