Abascal encourages Sánchez to “resign, leave Spain and disappear”: “He has no qualms”

Publication: Saturday, February 20, 2021 09:41

Santiago Abascal charges the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to whom he asks “to resign, to return home, to leave the country and to disappear”. In an interview with “El Mundo”, he assures that he will not ask for the resignation of Pablo Iglesias because “the problem is him”. “He has no qualms,” he adds.

This new attack comes after being questioned on the position of United We Can in the unrest experienced throughout this week after the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél, calling the purple formation a “violent political party, enemy of institutions, enemy of constitutional order, enemy of national unity and enemy of freedom “.

“These days it is clear that they are exceeding the law and I think the prosecution must act, at least individually, against those who incited violence, against Echenique and against Pablo Iglesias”, explains the head of Vox , which sounds like “the only opposition to the government.”

And it is that it also has a message for the PP and the citizens, which it encourages to merge for “responsibility”. “If they don’t, they will condemn the Spaniards to have a problem. It is true that Vox will grow even more, but they will leave room for the PSOE,” argues Abascal.

The leader of the far-right formation regrets the results of the elections in Catalonia, which he considers “bad for Spain and for Vox”.

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