Abascal shows blockade in Congress, accuses government of promoting violence against Vox

Publication: Wednesday April 14, 2021 12:40

Santiago Abascal showed a paving stone from the rostrum during his speech to the Congress of Deputies, supposedly of the riots at the Vox rally in Vallecas last week.

In his speech, the far-right leader accused the government of fomenting violence against his party. “There was a throw of cobblestones and stones and stakes that you pushed,” he told them. Around this time, they were also directed to the executive bench to ask its members if they are “outraged that cobblestones have been thrown” or that he “shows it in this gallery”.

Likewise, the president of Vox indicated that if his party “surrendered the paving stones, they would go to civil confrontation”. “They will find us in the defense of freedom, constitutional order, legality and the prosecution of the guilty,” he added.

This gesture is reminiscent of what Isabel Díaz Ayuso did in the Madrid Assembly one day after the protests against the imprisonment of Pablo Hasél. The President of the Community showed a pad from her seat and asked Isa Serra of Unidas Podemos if her party would “shoot them in the back of the neck”.

But this has already been done by Albert Rivera, the former leader of Ciudadanos, in the Atresmedia debate before the general elections of November 2019. On this occasion, the pavement came, as he said, of the demonstrations in Catalonia after condemnation of pro-independence politicians.

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