Abdul Rashid dostum news: Abdul Rashid dostum returns to Afghanistan

Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, known as “Mazar-e-Sharif ka Budha Sher”, has returned to Kabul amid mounting Taliban attacks in Afghanistan. Dostum’s strength can be measured by the fact that even at the age of 67, Taliban fighters begin to tremble when they hear his name. Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum was also vice-president of the democratic government of Afghanistan from September 29, 2014 to February 19, 2020. Upon his arrival in Kabul, he also pledged to eliminate the Taliban.

Dostum reached Kabul after receiving treatment from Turkey
Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum had been undergoing treatment in Turkey for several months. As soon as he arrived in Kabul, he called on the leaders of all Afghan political parties to put aside their personal interests and unite in defense of the country. Dostum said the current crisis in Afghanistan is a great conspiracy and that the country’s political leaders will foil all enemy conspiracies. Dostum also paid tribute to the soldiers of the Afghan army who were martyred in the fighting with the Taliban.

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Dostum warns of Taliban threat
Dostum warned against the Taliban saying that this conspiracy is not a small conspiracy, we cannot stop it with small token efforts, we have to make a big decision with our political friends and our generals. Let’s meet our experienced commanders and the young people of the army. The war is ongoing in Kandahar and the situation is going through a very critical phase. We will talk about what we can do. We need to encourage everyone and give them morale to stop the Taliban.

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Pakistan is also afraid of Dostum
Abdul Rashid Dostum has great influence in the northern regions of Afghanistan. Taliban ally Pakistan also trembles in Dostum’s name. Ehsan Niro, a former paratrooper and spokesperson for the Afghan army, said Dostum arrived in Kabul on Wednesday evening and met with senior officials to discuss security in Sheberghan, the capital of Jawazan province. Nero said he was looking forward to meeting President Ashraf Ghani.

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Prepare to unite the army and the militia
Dostum heads the largest militia in northern Afghanistan. In 1990, as Taliban fighters attacked the whole country, he single-handedly led the rebellion in the northern regions. He is said to have imprisoned thousands of Taliban fighters and later put them to death. The Afghan government has high hopes for the Dostum militia. In such a situation, if the militia and the Afghan army operate together, then the elimination of the Taliban will be considered fixed.

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Helped America eliminate the Taliban
In 2001, when the United States attacked Afghanistan to eliminate the Taliban, Dostum helped them a lot. Dostum is said to have imprisoned the captured Taliban prisoners in iron containers. Due to which he died of suffocation. Dostum also has a good friendship with India. He also visited India in 2020, where he met Foreign Minister S Jaishankar.

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