abhinandan varthaman new video: video abhinandan varthaman: new video of the commander of the abhinandan wing after 2 years of balakot? Pakistani New Propaganda – Pakistan Pakistan Releases New Video Of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman After Two Years Of Airstrike In Balakot

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The viral video of Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhman in Pakistan claimed in the media, the full video is revealed for the first time, but much praise from the Pakistani military, who hailed in video editing, peace has been reached the Pak border two years ago, a day later. The liberation was Islamabad
Two years ago, on February 27, Abhinandan Vardhaman, Wing Commander of the Indian Air Force, reached the Pakistani border in pursuit of Pakistani planes entering the Indian border. He was released two days later on March 1. According to Pakistani media, now a video of Abhinandan has been released which has never been seen before, in this video he talks about the peace between the two countries and says the difference between the two cannot be view. However, it could not be confirmed whether this video is new or old and there is some doubt as to its veracity when looking at the edit made there.

In the video, Abhinandan says, “I saw two countries from the parachute coming down from the top. I didn’t know the difference between the two, both are equally beautiful. When I fell I didn’t know if I was in Pakistan or my Hindustan country, the two countries looked alike. I was quite deeply injured and was unable to move. I tried to find out where I am. When I found out that I was not in my country, I tried to run away. People came after me and their enthusiasm was very high and they wanted me to catch up with them.

He adds: “Then two Pakistani army soldiers came, they grabbed me and saved me.” Captain, he rescued these men from the unit at the hospital where first aid was given. Investigations have been done there and Ed has been given since, I am here with your kindness. Abhinandan said: “What is going on with Kashmir, you neither know nor I know.” We should think calmly.

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Praise for the Pakistani Army
The video also praises the Pakistani military’s cheer and peace talks between the two countries. He said, “Pak’s army is professional, I am very impressed with its elegance. A fight occurs when there is no peace. I don’t know what to do to bring Aman, I know there must be Aman.
I see no reason why we should proceed with any enmity. I want peace to reign in our country and we can live in peace ‘

Imran congratulated
Previously Pakistani Prime Minister Imran also tweeted that the incident was a victory for Pakistan. He wrote: “I congratulate the whole country and my army on two years of India’s illegal military airstrike on Pakistan. As a proud and confident nation, we have responded strongly to our time and to our place. By returning the jailed pilot, we have shown Pakistan’s responsible attitude to the world in the face of Indian India’s irresponsible military instability.

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Imran sang the Kashmir raga
Imran further wrote: “We always stand for peace and are ready to move forward to resolve any issues through dialogue. I welcome the ceasefire on the line of control. India has a responsibility to create an environment conducive to the continuation of negotiations. According to the UNSC resolution, India should take action to meet Kashmir’s longstanding demand for independence and the right to it.

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Greetings from the Wing Commander

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