absolute equality between men and women

Online business training in Spain does not understand gender: absolute equality between men and women

Today, online business training is already practically comparable between women and men. Against this background, it’s important to highlight how different online business schools give consistency to this statement, such as ThePowerMBA, which closed its last class with almost the same male and female enrollments: 56% versus 44%. Of the total number of students enrolled, 1,310 were men versus 1,026 female students, breaking with the false belief that men get more master’s degrees in business from online schools than women and are therefore more educated. . From now on, everyone wants to continue to enrich their LinkedIn by clicking on the training sections, and it does not depend on gender, but on the concerns and objectives of each one.

ThePowerMBA, the successful online business school with its disruptive teaching model, is clear that the training gap between men and women is increasingly disappearing, especially when it comes to talking about training. in business, an area that Until not so long ago, it was only related to the male gender. For example, in early 2018, a renowned consulting firm conducted a comparative study between women and men in MBA, and the female sector only reached 36% of registrations (El Pas). In contrast, other surveys have revealed how In exclusive US business schools, only 37% of students were female (Expansion).

In addition, ThePowerMBA faculty has top entrepreneurs from the international female scene such as Rosie ONeill, co-founder of Sugarfina, Bisila Bokoko, CEO of BBES, Mara Pombo, large scale influencer, Pilar Zaforteza, Marketing director of Blablacar, Izanami Martnez, Spanish Entrepreneur, Sarah Harmon Ex-Country Manager of LinkedIn Spain and Daniela Goicoechea, Ex-CMO of Goiko.

If we continue to talk about the data produced by the last promotion of this business school with 100% Spanish capital, we can highlight that Madrid and Barcelona were the Spanish cities with the highest number of registrations, followed by other important cities of the peninsula, such as Valencia, Seville or Zaragoza. Another interesting variable that is reflected in this promotion is the age of the registrants (22 to 55 years old). These data highlight the importance of studying and training at any age to find a job. Likewise, the data relating to the current employment situation of registrants is as follows: the vast majority are employed, 15% are unemployed and over 12% have their own business.

The micro-learning trend, on which ThePowerMBA’s teaching method is based, is a learning modality through short modules (called “pills”), which can be taught anytime, anywhere. Micro-learning is based on the idea that the content used for training students is adjusted to the attention span in which the human brain is most concentrated, because by dividing information into smaller parts, this model of online education, the student can concentrate much more in each session.

In the words of Borja Adanero, CEO of ThePowerMBA: “Our business school is primarily about democratizing education. In other words, that anyone, regardless of gender and social background, can access the best knowledge and education in the field of business ”.

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