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The foundation of the huge Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi will be built by the end of April. The temple management gave this information about this traditional stone temple. The organization Bochaswanshi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) built this temple at a cost of 450 dirhams or approximately Rs 888 crores. A video showing the work of laying its foundations was shared a few days ago. It is under construction on an area of ​​27 acres in the Abu Murakheh area of ​​Abu Dhabi.

Fast work

Project Engineer Ashok Khondetti oversees the quality and development of this project. He says construction work is in the final phase of the foundation which is 4.5 meters below the ground. He said 4,500 cubic meters of concrete had been laid since January. There are two tunnels built in this foundation for which stones were transported from India. Planting work will begin soon. Stone work will also begin at the end of May, after foundation work is completed in April.

Hand carving

The administration told Gulf News that two tunnels were built to transport people to the elevators and to bring priests to the temple. After the foundation work is completed, the temple will be shaped by carving stone and marble at the top. Gulf News reported that the final design of the traditional stone temple and images of hand-carved stone columns were released in November, which were made in India.

Stories of Hindu epics

They were made by artists from Rajasthan and Gujarat in India. The temple uses pink marbles from Rajasthan and marbles from Macedonia, Italy. This temple will contain images and stories of Hindu epics as well as art from Arab countries. It will also have a library, a classroom, a Majlis and a community center. Waterfalls and reservoirs will enhance its beauty.

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