access to employment for young people will be one of the main challenges for the business market by 2022

Youth unemployment on the rise: access of young people to employment will be one of the main challenges for the business market by 2022

Although the employment situation in Spain is not having its best moment with the ERES still in operation and job creation which, although growing, continues at a lower rate than desired, the challenge of next year concerns two groups: the young and the disabled.

Youth unemployment currently hovers around 40%, making it a problem for young people to enter businesses after leaving training. Among the causes, the distance between training centers and companies, which do not quite find a point of union and collaboration so that they can serve as a door to the recruitment of students.

But there is also a big problem in the job search of young people with certain handicaps which do not prevent them from being able to work and who suffer up to 68% unemployment, that is, in this case, 6 out of ten long. duration. eventual case.

A non-disposable figure that serves as a benchmark to also add the company’s effort to find an agency that can help find job seekers.

“We frequently publish new job offers from companies engaged in the integration of people with disabilities. And we select these vacancies to find the right professional profile for each position. We are a link between demand and supply and this helps both parties because of the characteristics of this type of contract, ”they explain from Laborplus.

A highly qualified workforce, both young people and young people with disabilities with a perfect training so that economic recovery requires production and productivity in new areas such as technology, renewable energies or cybersecurity .

“The incorporation rate and the low absenteeism are evident in the statistics of this worker profile. They have desire, they have potential and they are ready to show it to lead a completely independent life. In fact, entrepreneurs are surprised by their level of commitment and performance, ”they comment.

A challenge which, beyond companies, must also stem from much more active professional integration policies on the part of regional, national and, of course, local governments.

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