Access your Office apps without leaving the Mail app

The office has become a standard in our daily life. In fact, we have all tried to use other alternatives but generally we come back to Office for its performance and quality. That’s why Microsoft wants to provide us with access from the Mail app.

Quickly access Office apps from the Mail app

After passing the Windows Insider program tests, this long-awaited novelty is now reaching all users. Office will have shortcuts in the Mail and Calendar app.

These accesses allow us to open Word, Excel and PowerPoint without leaving this application. Something very useful for working directly on a file you request or from an email. If we haven’t installed the Office apps, that will bring us to its web version that Microsoft is promoting every day.

Microsoft has started rolling out this feature to everyone (server side)

– Aggiornamenti Lumia (@ALumia_Italia) January 15, 2021

We will see if these shortcuts have the relevance desired by Microsoft or if, on the contrary, they will end up disappearing in a few months. We understand that the testing has enabled acceptable use by the Insider community to reach the general public.

These accesses allow us to have our taskbar clearer by not requiring an infinite number of pinned applications. Additionally, Windows 10X might be relevant in the future even if the Mail and Calendar app is not installed by default.

Anyway, we’re happy to see the news in the Mail and Calendar app. What was once one of the best apps in the system needs a complete overhaul and, the inclusion of new functions gives us a glimpse that they’re working on something. Perhaps the Mail and Calendar app will be improved or Microsoft will advocate making the leap to One Outlook, its Outlook unification that we hardly know more than exists.

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