According to Adecco, the January sales campaign will lead to the signing of more than 167,000 contracts

According to Adecco, the January sales campaign will lead to the signing of more than 167,000 contracts

• The consequences of the Christmas holidays and the third wave of infections will negatively affect the sales campaign in 2021, due to the instability and uncertainty of the economy.

• Adecco predicts that during the months of January and February there will be a drop in hiring of between 5% and 10% compared to the same period of the previous year, depending on the sector, which means the signing of more than 167 000 contracts in our country.

• Catalonia is one more year at the top of the marketing campaign forecasts, as it will create almost 30,000 jobs. After her, the Community of Madrid and the Region of Murcia will be those which generate the most jobs, respectively 23,700 and 20,000 contracts.

• The sectors linked to commerce and electronic commerce are those which will generate the most jobs in the sales campaign: distribution, retail trade, logistics and transport will be the engines of this employment.

• Salespeople, promoters, salespeople, telemarketers and hostesses will be among the most requested profiles of this campaign. But not only is staff in demand for physical stores, but, thanks to e-commerce, the incorporation of workers for the preparation and distribution of orders has been strengthened: packers, servers and housings.

BY RRHH Digital, 00:01 – 05 January 2021

The year begins and with it the sales season. Stores are increasingly advancing these discounts to boost sales in the early days of the year. Jobs and the economy benefit from this campaign and new positions and employment opportunities are emerging.

As happened with the Christmas and Black Friday campaigns, this year the campaign will be special. The effects of COVID-19 in our lives have been multiple and disparate. From the most intimate and personal to the professional and economic, including the family and social sphere. It has been 10 months since this pandemic rocked the world and it is not known exactly how it will affect the labor market in the medium and long term.

What seems predictable is that the consequences of the Christmas holidays and the third wave of infections will negatively affect the 2021 sales campaign, due to the instability and uncertainty in the economy. Thus, in this context, Adecco, world leader in human resources management, predicts that during the months of January and February there will be a drop in hiring of between 5% and 10% compared to the same period of the year. previous, which represents the signing of more than 167,000 contracts in our country.

Despite the collapse of some important sectors such as hospitality and tourism, others, such as e-commerce, will continue to stimulate the economy. This campaign will be in line with the trend experienced during the Black Friday and Christmas period, with the rise of e-Commerce. As usual in sales, physical commerce and retail will also be the protagonists, although they will create jobs at a slower pace than in other years.

E-commerce, mass consumption, food, distribution, logistics and transport mentioned above will be the sectors that will benefit the most and continue to generate jobs at this time.

Thanks to electronic commerce, on these dates, the need for personnel for the distribution and preparation of shipments online will increase, so the most sought-after profiles will be: packers, servers, order pickers and cases. Physical commerce will also require profiles such as business promoters, salespeople, cashiers and staff for perfume, toys, cosmetics, electronics, etc. Especially experienced salespeople and clerks will be sought after.

The sales campaign in the autonomous regions

Regarding the regional distribution of the sales campaign, if we look at the drop in hiring from one year to the next, all the communities will experience a decrease, as forecasts suggest that between 5% and 10% of jobs less will be generated than in 2020.

On the other hand, if we look at the absolute number of contracts planned, for another year, Catalonia is at the forefront, being the autonomous community with the most recruitments, almost 30,000.

Behind it is the Community of Madrid, with nearly 23,700 jobs, the Region of Murcia, with more than 20,000, followed closely by Andalusia, with 19,500. The Valencian Community will exceed 18,000 contracts (18,700) , which will close the top 5. Among the five, they will account for almost 60% of the employment that will be generated during these two months.

From that point on, recruitments fell significantly in the absolute number of contracts signed. Here are located Castilla y León, with around 9,300 jobs, Galicia, with more than 9,000, and the Basque Country, where more than 7,400 new jobs will be signed.

Between 5,000 and 4,000 jobs are located in the Canary Islands (5,700), Aragon (5,600), Castille-La Mancha (5,200), Navarre (4,900) and Cantabria (4,100).

Towards the lower half of the table are Asturias, where they are expected to reach almost 1,500 hires, depending on the health situation, and La Rioja, with the forecast of more than 1,300 new jobs.

The regional ranking is closed by the regions of the Balearic Islands, with more than 630 new jobs, and another year in Extremadura, with 460 contracts.

Trade: the biggest beneficiary of sales

Every year, sales create new job opportunities in our country, and traditionally the most strengthened sector of this period is commerce, which requires the incorporation of professionals who accelerate the high volume of work concentrated on these dates.

The sectors that benefit from the increase in consumption during the sales campaign, as was the case with Christmas and its predecessors, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, are mass consumption (perfumes, cosmetics, toys , electronics, telephony, etc.) and the areas of customer service or the sales force where the most jobs are generated.

That’s why, on these dates, companies are looking for clerks, promoters, salespeople, telemarketers and hostesses. There is also a need to incorporate distribution and retail personnel such as replenishers, inventory managers or cashiers and transport workers.

Among the most requested profiles are personnel in perfumery, cosmetics, toys, electronics, image, sound and textiles, in particular office workers, cashiers assistants or promoters. commercial. Most of these profiles are hired to lead the sales force and provide customer service.

However, this atypical year in which we have experienced an unprecedented global pandemic has caused a change in the consumption habits of Spaniards, and new ones have been generated that will continue over time or even stay incorporated forever. These new purchasing habits have benefited other sectors in order to meet the increase in demand. These are the sectors related to e-commerce, technology, food, distribution, retail, logistics and transportation, among others.

In recent years, there has been an important development in this area. Not only is staff needed for physical stores, but thanks to e-commerce, the incorporation of workers assigned to the preparation and distribution of orders placed via e-commerce has been strengthened: packers, servers, preparers. controls and housings.

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