Accurate world map: Experts claim to have created the most accurate flat world map: Experts’ claims make the world’s most accurate 2D map

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There are many types of world maps. 3D map made on a globe like the earth or printed flat on a page of a book. Now a map has been declared the most accurate. This round card is made on two sides and looks like an old phonograph. There are complaints about the flat maps that they are not accurate, but the map created by Professor J. Richard’s team of astrophysics at Princeton is in 2D, albeit in 2D.

How is the card made?
Tell us first how the accuracy of the map is measured. Cartographers use the Goldberg-Gott score to measure differences in local shape, area, distance, curvature, tilt, or boundary. The accuracy of a map is determined by a minimum number of visits. This is why the score obtained in 3D is 0. In other words, these are considered to be the most accurate.

Globe is like …
The score of this new card is 0.881. The distance-related errors in this map are much less than in a single-sided map. Richard explains that his map is similar to the globe. The difference is that it has to rotate to see the entire 3D globe and it has to turn to view this 2D map.

So far, two map projections are used in books and atlases – Winkel Tripel and Mercator projection. The problem is that there is a difference in distance going towards the poles. This discrepancy is eliminated in the new map.

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