Achievable and successful goals for the company in 2021

The year 2020 brought about the outbreak of the pandemic and its terrible consequences, in all sectors and fields. In the business environment, it is time to review the objectives and this review must be in accordance with the situation and the circumstances of the company, be objective but also realistic. From Woffu, a startup specializing in optimizing employee time management, they analyze what these achievable and successful goals should be.

1. A conscious balance of goals

The balance that is made of the year left behind must be fully aware and adapted to the reality through which it has been traversed in recent months. There is no point in whipping yourself for not having fully achieved the goals set before this pandemic began. The change surprised everyone, so we all had to make a titanic effort to solve the challenges big and small of the day. In this sense, as Woffu pointed out, the most desirable thing is to congratulate ourselves on those goals that, in fact, we have achieved and to observe others that we have not achieved. What could we have done to achieve this? Was it in our hands? Whatever the answer, the next step for 2021 will be to take over all those projects or processes that we had to postpone to try to achieve them next year. “Many companies have had to reinvent themselves, so it is possible that instead of delays or losses, what we have in front of us is a horizon full of new opportunities,” they commented from Woffu.

2. The naturalness of adaptation

To adapt is to resist. Adaptation is moving forward. Some companies that were dedicated to making clothing focused on making masks. Others who provided in-home babysitters continued to teach video call classes. Likewise with other companies that were dedicated to designing programs through artificial intelligence, manufacturing perfumes, manufacturing food, etc. Companies have amply demonstrated their resilience. Adaptation is the most natural thing we can do to start adjusting to reality and to new goals. Adaptation makes us stronger and more aware of our potential.

3. Objectives and goals for 2021

It’s inevitable: goals have to be set for 2021 and it’s important to be realistic and patronizing in equal measure. “The goals for the new year must be adjusted to the time we live in, so that by the end of 2021 we can make a more positive assessment than that of the current year,” they say de Woffu. The best bet is to focus on these more immediate problems and on perfectly achievable goals which, although they do not allow us to reach great milestones, allow us to catch up and feel safe, within a realistic margin of action. A practical example of this would be focusing on something like telecommuting. The idea would be to ask “Have we been able to set up telework?”. One of the objectives to be achieved may be precisely this. That is to say, solving the problems that we have dragged on in recent months to lead to decisive and efficient processes that generate the satisfaction of the members of our teams and allow them to work comfortably and efficiently. Something like solving outstanding issues to start focusing on business goals.

4. Make the job easier

Digitization is a process that many companies have already started to tackle. And the truth is, it hasn’t been possible to put it aside in recent months. It has become a priority and we must now continue on this path, because the digitization of processes helps to facilitate work and the happiness of users. One of Woffu’s recommendations is, without a doubt, to listen to the people who work with us so that they raise their problems and difficulties with us. As well as the complete review of each of the processes that we manage in our organizations. With their experience, closer to the reality and daily life of the company, we will have the opportunity to think about tools that can help us and facilitate our work. It’s time to optimize resources and monitor every investment of time and energy. Every penny and every minute wasted will be a crime in 2021.

5. Communication and motivation

One of our short and long term goals must, without a doubt, be to relaunch our work. Identifying new projects (always with my feet firmly on the ground in today’s reality) and continuing to promote belonging to the company will be essential. Although the team is teleworking, each from their home or only with part of the team at the office, they must continue to join the team, listening and promoting dynamics that allow everyone to participate and to contribute. Communicating and doing it well often remains essential (as it always has been) to focus on a positive and productive 2021 for all.

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