Act of protest in Madrid for the removal with hammer blows of the Largo Caballero plaque in the Plaza de Chamberí

A new demonstration organized in Madrid took place at the same site where, a month earlier, the popular city council of José Luis Martínez-Almeida removed the plaque in tribute to Francisco Largo Caballero, one of the historic Republican and Socialist leaders , with a hammer blow. during the civil war. Summoned by the defense platform of the Eastern Cemetery Memorial, dozens of people called for the mayor’s resignation.

A few days earlier, more than 60 commemorative groups, feminists, victims of the Franco regime, political parties, unions and social and cultural organizations have already signed a manifesto in which they demanded the resignation of the mayor and the deputy mayor, Begoña Villacís, in addition the replacement of the plaque and the immediate reconstruction of the eastern cemetery memorial according to the original project.

The signatories, grouped together in the Eastern Cemetery Memorial Defense Platform and including the PSOE-M, UGT Madrid and PCE, also demanded that they demand “a public apology to all the families of the victims, as well as ‘to all citizenship “. In a letter, the entities described as “miserable and petty” that the tombstones of the memorial with the names of the 2,936 people slaughtered between the years 1939 to 1944 at the request of the government PP and Cs, with the support of Vox, were removed.

“Our repudiation and outright rejection of this infamous action extends to the perverse and morally unacceptable argument that it failed to meet the premises of impartiality because it only honors the victims of a party “, they declared, before questioning” this equidistance between the victims and torturers “.

They also called on the national government to< prendre la responsabilité de mettre en œuvre les mesures de réparation et de réhabilitation nécessaires pour les femmes et les hommes abattus par la dictature de Franco dans le cimetière oriental >>, because they will not be assumed by Almeida and Villacís. “for its void commitment to the memory of the democrats and feminists” of the country.

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