Active listening to “ bosses ” improves the work environment

If a friend asks you if the business is a good place to work, where would you place it?

BY Patricia Castellanos, Human Pull consultant, 02:00 – 04 December 2020

It is only by actively listening that we can reliably know the realities that surround our organizational environment – business – and it is only by knowing the reality that we can intervene to change it, improve it. Organizations are entities that do not have auditory pavilions, eardrums, or brains that analyze sound. Only people are listening. Only those in charge of the organizations – the bosses – can do this.

The syllogism would therefore conclude as follows: only people are able to listen. Only active listening gives a true picture of reality. Then, only those in charge of organizations having the capacity to listen actively will be able to know the reality and thus know how to act to succeed.

Today, and when it comes to active listening in businesses and organizations, we are able to state that not only do people have ears to hear – and of course they listen – but organizations too. and companies can put mechanisms in place to do so.

Human Pull is the ear pinna, eardrum and even the part of the brain that initially processes active listening information essential for improving the working environment in organizations. Obviously, nothing will make sense without managers and managers – bosses – being able to “cut their ears” and answer the questions and concerns of teams of workers. Businesses can use a tool like Human Pull to facilitate active listening, but they are responsible, willing to handle ‘what is heard’ and manage solutions, who are in charge of ensuring that ‘what is heard’. heard ”leads to an improvement in the working climate and therefore profitability.

If they ask you….

If someone asks you if your business is a good place to work, what position would you put it in? The answer to this standard question yields one of the most coveted indicators in the organizational world. The NPS (Net Promoter Score) is an indicator intended to determine the loyalty of customers to a brand. But in HR, it was coveted, knowing that employees can be the best influencers of organizations and their business projects. Finding out the likelihood that an employee will recommend our company as their ideal place to work will only be possible with active listening. Knowing this probability will allow us to adopt measures to achieve it.

To work well in internal communication, it is no longer useful for companies to analyze the starting point in order to act with rigor. The tendency is to do it continuously and the difficulty lies in the method. With methods like Human Pull, the process and continuous data collection is simplified.

Be considerate

In the area of ​​the work climate, not only knowing the willingness of employees to recommend our company is an indicator to be taken into account. There are more factors which are today considered essential for direct actions aimed at improving the working climate.

In this sense, we only mention a few, such as knowing that team members feel they can freely express their opinions on issues that affect work in the company. Also the level of importance that the company gives to its opinions and suggestions. Not to mention if the company encourages its team members to innovate.

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