Ada Colau announces that she is leaving Twitter “indefinitely” to “play good politics and be a good mayor”

Updated: Sunday, April 11, 2021 11:22 PM

Published on: 04/11/2021 23:21

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, announced that she was leaving the social network Twitter “indefinitely” because she wanted “to do good politics” and that this network “takes her away”, she says. Colau announced that he was leaving the micro-messaging network via his Facebook profile, in a post in which he stressed that it is a decision “without drama or victimization”, but “very rational”.

“For months, I considered quitting Twitter. On March 3, I decided to try it, pretending it was my birthday. The pilot test was a success, so today I’m announcing that I’m leaving Twitter indefinitely, ”Colau said.

“Twitter doesn’t help me play good politics and I leave it. I will continue in other less polarized and less accelerated networks ”, Colau sentence, who underlines that it is proposed“ to make good politics, a policy which transforms reality and improves the lives of people, to be a good one. mayor for my city and, if possible, always be a better person. ”

The mayor regrets that Twitter has been filled with “fake anonymous profiles that intoxicate and incite hatred, many of them even bought with money (bots) by the extreme right,” he said. He also criticizes that it seems like you have to say “about everything, all the time”, and concludes that he has realized that he is a “better person outside of Twitter” because in this network, it is “very easy to find yourself engaging in discussions and fights with political opponents”.

“Politics has a lot of noise, testosterone and easy tweet proclamations, and it needs more empathy, complexity, listening, pedagogy and nuance,” he stresses. “For love to overcome hatred, it happened thanks Twitter”, adds the mayor in her farewell to this network so used by the political class.

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