Ada Colau condemns the riots in Barcelona: "Violence is never the way"

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, launched on Saturday an appeal for calm and unity of political parties in the face of the disturbances caused by the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél and called on the PSOE to speed up the treatment. forgiveness requested by United We Can.

After four consecutive nights of riots in Barcelona and other cities, Colau (En Comú Podem) briefly appeared before the media to recall that protesting is a right, but that “altercations are not the solution and are not justified “, because they only harm neighbors and businesses.

The mayor also pointed out that “the most serious thing” that has happened these days is that a protester lost vision in one eye during the protests, he is still being investigated if he is. is a foam projectile launched by the Mossos. “It is not normal for a person to show that they are losing sight in one eye,” said Colau, who called for the reopening of debate in Parliament on the use of foam projectiles by the police.


Ada Colau stressed that Pablo Hasel should not have entered the prison, but called for calm, despite the fact that “there are reasons of unease”, and urged political parties to work together “to propose solutions”.

“The institutions must work together to put forward constructive proposals to complex problems, but which have a solution,” he stressed. He recalled, in this sense, that Unidos Podemos registered this week with the Ministry of Justice the request for pardon for Hasel and also for José Miguel Arenas Beltrán, the Balearic rapper known by the stage name of Valtònyc, accused to exalt terrorism and fled. in Belgium.

Colau once again asked the PSOE, the main government party, to deal with this pardon urgently, beyond the fact that all parties agree to reform the penal code, to decriminalize cases like Hasel’s.

Pablo Hasel was admitted to jail to serve a nine-month sentence handed down by the High National Court in 2018 for glorifying terrorism, for praising ETA and Grapo on Twitter in 2014, and which was ratified by the Supreme Court . The original sentence was two years, although the court lowered it to nine months because the two terrorist organizations were no longer active. In the same case, Hasel was fined € 24,300 for insulting the Crown and the security forces.

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