Adecco and Elecnor Foundation, united to promote the employment of the most vulnerable people

Adecco and Elecnor Foundation, united to promote the employment of the most vulnerable people

In a context of health and social crisis like the current one, Elecnor has decided to support the #EmpleoParaTodos project of the Adecco Foundation to help the most vulnerable find a job allowing them to normalize their lives and avoid social exclusion. The agreement was signed by Rafael Bustamante, CEO of Elecnor and Francisco Mesonero, CEO of the Adecco Foundation.

The # EmploymentForAll project acts on two essential axes: the job seeker and the company. On the one hand, it has a team of integration consultants who guide, train and support people at risk of exclusion so that they can find employment as quickly as possible; and, on the other hand, with a team of experts familiar with the needs of the business. This team promotes sensitized work environments through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (De & I) strategies which have a transversal impact on the company.

This agreement is part of a turbulent economic and social context: the crisis caused by COVID-19 affects people at risk of exclusion more, such as people with disabilities, single-parent families and / or people with limited resources, who was already struggling before the pandemic. Unemployment continues to rise, affecting key sectors and generating extreme situations of vulnerability that could cause poverty numbers in Spain to skyrocket.

In this scenario, Rafael Bustamante, CEO of Elecnor, stressed that “during these difficult months, we wanted to strengthen, more than ever, our commitment to the most vulnerable people in society, to help reduce levels of poverty and exclusion from our society. . This agreement will allow us to help people at risk of exclusion through the autonomy, personal development and standardization that only employment grants ”.

For his part, Francisco Mesonero, Managing Director of the Adecco Foundation, thanked Elecnor for its support and called for the empathy and sensitivity of the business sector: “in unfavorable and uncertain situations, the commitment of the business becomes crucial so that the most vulnerable do not become double victims of the crisis. However, it is not just about social justice; supporting those who have more difficulties promotes, at the same time, the competitiveness of the company, making it more diversified, innovative and sustainable ”.

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