Adecco and Venator are looking for 35 operators for their chemical plant in Huelva

Despite the unemployment data known today, with an annual increase of 4.22% and 39,846 more unemployed than a year ago, there are new job opportunities in Andalusia that can help the unemployed get out. of this situation. Adecco, the world leader in human resources management, and Venator, a multinational chemical sector leader in the manufacture of pigments and additives, are therefore looking for 35 operators for the workforce rejuvenation project in Huelva.

The selection process for the 35 planned incorporations will be managed by Adecco, which will be in charge of filling vacant positions. Adecco thus selected 13 experienced operators for permanent contracts, 7 junior operators for internship contracts and 15 inexperienced operators for the Venator training school. A great opportunity for all those looking for job stability, specific training and growth in a new professional project.

The mission of the operators of the Venator chemical plant is the manufacture, development and process control of the company’s chemicals, in accordance with operating instructions and safety standards that guarantee the final quality of the product.

The Venator School of Operators offers the opportunity to receive training as a chemical plant operator to obtain training tailored to Venator’s needs. This training project is the first time that it has been carried out in Huelva, with the idea of ​​giving it stability for the future.

The 15 selected for the Venator training school must have a higher degree related to industry (industrial chemistry, environmental chemistry, mechatronics, electricity, electronics, mechanical manufacturing, mechanics, analysis and control, consumer electronic equipment, etc.) , or chemical engineering, or industrial. The implication, the commitment, the autonomy and the capacity for development within the company are essential. Other higher education will be promoted.

The 15 selected at the Venator School of Operators will have the opportunity to train completely free of charge for three months with qualified teachers from IES Jos Luis Graio and Venator’s own engineers. Afterwards, they will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired at the factory during a month of internship at Venator. The 15 selected will have real possibilities to join the team once they have completed this training.

To access other offers, it is essential to be a graduate of a higher education cycle in industrial chemistry or chemical engineering or similar (in the case of the internship, they must have the diploma from 2016 and meet the requirements for be able to access this contractual modality), have the driver and the Carretillero card. For the 13 positions of operator with indefinite contract, experience in a chemical plant of at least 2 years is also required, and for the 7 positions of internship contracts, experience will be valued and it is necessary not to not having had a practical contract beforehand.

For all the positions offered, we are looking for people with teamwork and communication skills in addition to the commitment, flexibility and decision-making ability at their level.

Venator offers permanent contracts and salaries by agreement. In the case of the temporary post, the contracts will in practice be for the first two years, with the possibility of switching to a permanent contract from the third year. The working day in both cases will be 40 hours per week, with morning, afternoon and night shifts.

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