Adecco Foundation Joins Women’s Week to Reduce High Women’s Unemployment

Adecco Foundation Joins Women’s Week to Reduce High Women’s Unemployment

This initiative is part of the #EmpleoParaTodas social mission of the Adecco Foundation, and is part of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular 4 of them: the end of poverty, the reduction of inequalities, gender equality, decent work and economic growth. In addition, the 2030 Agenda establishes, in its SDG 17, the importance of generating alliances to achieve these social goals: the 95 companies participating in Women’s Week 2021 are responding to this SDG, joining their efforts to contribute to this social challenge.

4.2 million women of working age at risk of social exclusion A total of 4,255,564 women aged 16 to 64 – 28% of the total – are at risk of poverty and / or social exclusion, unemployment being one of the main triggers. These are figures that do not yet reflect the effects of the pandemic on the population, so they are only an approximation – downward – of real data on the poverty and exclusion that women of working age currently experience. in Spain.

Among men of working age, the risk of poverty and / or exclusion is lower, affecting 20% ​​of them (3.1 million). A gap of 8 percentage points which explains the greater vulnerability of women, as well as the additional difficulties they encounter in their job search.

In contrast, February 2021 resulted in the highest female unemployment rate since April 2015 (this month 2,328,612 were unemployed), with 2,304,779 women unemployed: a monthly growth of 1.3% and an inter-annual increase of 21 , 6%. With this, February 2021 becomes the worst month of February since 2015 in terms of the number of unemployed.

Some women, because of their personal situation, are particularly exposed to social exclusion: women with disabilities, aged over 55, with unrequited family responsibilities and / or victims of gender-based violence, continue to encounter great difficulties in competing in the labor market: difficulties that are intensifying today with COVID-19. “All start from an initial situation of greater vulnerability, which places them in a less favorable place to face any period of crisis” – underlines Francisco Mesonero, Director General of the Adecco Foundation.

More than 50 workshops to empower the most vulnerable women In this particularly difficult context for many women at risk of exclusion, the Adecco Foundation is once again activating the sixth march to strengthen their employability. Thus, over the next week, more than 50 training workshops will take place in the 15 delegations of the Adecco Foundation in Spain located in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Girona, Tarragona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Alicante, Las Palmas, Tenerife, Mallorca, Seville, Malaga, San Sebastian, Bilbao and Pamplona. The format of these workshops will be mixed, alternating physical and virtual training.

The main themes on which these sessions will focus revolve around tools and resources for job search, digital empowerment (video interviews, safe use of social networks, etc.) or the emotional aspect to strengthen self-esteem and confidence in women with more difficulties.

“In each area where we are present, we have analyzed the specific needs of women at risk of exclusion to face their job search. Our aim is to respond to them, focusing on skills and strategic skills in order to that they can find a job in the shortest possible time “- emphasizes Begoa Bravo, responsible for the integration program at the Adecco Foundation.

Along with the training workshops, workshops will also be organized with prominent women, whose testimony becomes a source of inspiration and motivation in the job search process. This is the case of Mara Petit, a professional in the world of communication with a visual disability, who will participate in a session in Pamplona or Raquel Domnguez, an athlete suffering from a degenerative disease, who will be the star of conferences in Barcelona and Madrid. . Both are an example of surpassing, resilience and adaptability, essential qualities in the labor market of this time.

Likewise, each day of the next week, “meeting afternoons” will be held in different regions of Spain, during which volunteer employees from different companies will lead discussions to bring the business world closer to women. difficulty.

Emerging sectors, new job niches, personal brand or positive psychology will be some of the topics that will be discussed in their presentations.

Vulnerable: real stories to raise awareness

In addition to working directly with women on their employability, the Adecco Foundation and the 95 collaborating companies have joined forces to launch an awareness-raising message that permeates society and businesses, making visible and raising awareness of the major difficulties encountered by women in risk of exclusion in the era of COVID-19.

To do this, they broadcast during these days the audiovisual awareness piece _Vulnerables_. Based on stories from real women, the video reflects, through 3 daily telephone conversations, how the economic crisis, social distancing measures, the digital divide or even the weakening of the family and social networks make access to even more difficult employment for women. already encountered obstacles before the pandemic.

Unsurprisingly, and as the video shows, the percentage of unemployed people over the age of 55 at risk of exclusion soared to 64% last year. In contrast, surveys on gender violence increased by 14.8% in 2020 and, finally, almost half of single-parent households in Spain are at risk of exclusion and / or poverty.

“ Our goal is to give visibility to the realities of exclusion, poverty and material deprivation that many women and their families in Spain present in these delicate moments, but without ceasing to underline, at the same time, the talent and the values ​​that they carry: commitment, stability, capacity for sacrifice or effort, all the keys to getting out of this crisis ”- explains Francisco Mesonero.

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