Adecco Group analyzes unemployment data for March and forecasts for April 2021

Today, Tuesday March 2, the latest official data on unemployment and membership in Spain during the month of February are made public. Will it have maintained the same trend as that observed since the start of the year? The results presented in previous months show the poor evolution of employment at the start of the year and the challenges that await us in trying to remedy this situation.

Last month, Javier Blasco, director of the Adecco Group Institute, referred to the panorama of March in this sense: “for next month, the moderation of certain restrictions and the favorable seasonality will converge for an improvement in the economy. can be expected. in March. affiliation (over 18.96 million; -0.2% over one year) and a more moderate increase in unemployment (4.02 million unemployed; + 0.4%). Compared to the bad data of March 2020, the year-over-year variations will improve significantly.

To answer these and other questions, today April 6 at 9:30 a.m., the Adecco Group Institute will analyze live unemployment data for March and forecasts for April 2021, via its website. Ser Javier Blasco de Luna, director of the Adecco Group Institute, who will present the main findings of the latest report from the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security, a digital meeting organized to address all the unknowns that limit the market of current work.

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