Adecco is looking for 600 professionals from all over Spain to work in the industrial sector

Adecco is looking for 600 professionals from all over Spain to work in the industrial sector

The latest data on unemployment were not positive, the number of unemployed in our country amounts to 3,964,353 people, which represents an annual increase of 710,500 unemployed (+ 21.8%), without forgetting that there remains 739,000 workers who are still in ERTE.

Many sectors have been severely affected by the pandemic, one of them being industry, becoming the fourth most affected sector after hospitality, tourism and commerce. During the months of confinement, industrial activity fell by 65% ​​in our country, and 74.1% of companies in the industrial sector took advantage of certain ERTEs before June 2020. In addition, since the start of this crisis, it is is the sector which suffered the greatest number of layoffs, 64% of industrial companies were forced to do so.

This crisis has put on the table the vulnerability of Spanish industry, its dependence on the outside world and its rigid structures. Its recovery requires digital transformation, personnel more qualified in new technologies, investments in R&D and public financial support to carry out these changes.

At present, the industrial sector is completely immersed in an accelerated automation process, mainly in the areas of food processing, automotive, electronics, plastics and chemicals, which will lead to major changes in their work systems. Workforce management is one of the main challenges the industry faces in achieving this transformation.

Paradoxically, a few weeks ago, Adecco, a global leader in human resources management, released the report on deficit profiles and talent shortages in Spain, which ensures that industry profiles are the most difficult to cover in our country. And after launching more than 500 open-ended vacancies a few days ago in various sectors of its recruitment consultancy firm Spring Professional, Adecco now wants to focus again on all these open recruitment processes as a job opportunity. for all unemployed and highlights that seeks to fill more than 600 new jobs in the industrial sector throughout Spain.

Technical profiles and / or with a vocational training qualification are necessary as well as engineers associated with the development of the industry such as electromechanics, welders, maintenance technicians, laboratory technicians, engineers, operators / quality technicians, mechanics, industrial workers , handlers, assemblers, millers, turners and carters, among others, but also commercial profiles such as sales managers, sales technicians, administrators, promoters, etc.

If we look at the geographical distribution of the more than 600 vacant positions in the industrial sector, the regions which currently offer the most jobs are the Community of Madrid, the Basque Country, Catalonia and the Valencian Community. Although to a lesser extent, Adecco selects industrial candidates throughout Spain, in areas such as Castilla y Len, Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Aragon, Cantabria, Galicia, the region of Murcia … all regions autonomous are present in these processes.

Within the sector there is a shortage of personnel in very specific positions, which have a very limited number of people who complete vocational training in these specialties, and that almost all types of industries – logistics and transport, food , automotive, chemical, distribution and retail, textiles, metallurgy, energy … – generally required. The advancement of automation processes means that there are few profiles with the qualifications and experience required for this demand. Indeed, many companies contact students of these specialties at the end of the FP and integrate them directly into their workforce.

This lack of talent is motivated by a mix between the few qualified and experienced professionals that exist, necessary so that the activity of companies does not cease because they carry out preventive and corrective maintenance in the production lines, and the great mobility of these profiles. for salary reasons. To attract these talents, companies must offer a solid investment in R&D, as well as professional development and competitive salary opportunities for candidates.

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