Adecco Outsourcing and AJJFS collaborate to improve the placement of futsal players

Adecco Outsourcing and AJJFS collaborate to improve the placement of futsal players

Adecco Outsourcing, the leading division of the Adecco group in outsourcing processes and services, and the Association of Futsal Football Players (AJFS and AJFSF, together form the AJJFS) have signed a collaboration agreement to improve employability associated athletes.

The union of the two organizations will be achieved with the aim of alleviating the economic and placement difficulties suffered by many players in this sporting discipline who do not yet have a professional background, due to an economic structure still in phase. maturation in some of its clubs which have little financial power due to low media visibility and the absence of sponsors who support the different categories of indoor football in Spain.

In this sense, the gaps are even more accentuated in the case of women’s futsal, whose visibility is still far from the men’s 1 or 2 division, leaving the players in very vulnerable professional conditions. Adecco Outsourcing will also work to reduce this gap by supporting sport in its multiple disciplines in a commitment to equal opportunities, aware of the inspiring role that athletes play in our society.

Thus, the alliance aims to promote the dual career of all these athletes by encouraging the combination of sports activity with a job and / or studies, and to improve their employability through training workshops and preparation for research. employment.

From the AJFS, General Secretary Sergio Lpez-Andjar underlines the importance of this agreement for “several reasons: the importance of working with a leading company at national level; the possibilities for our associates to have a specialized job search platform for practically all associate profiles; the motivation that this agreement will create among our partners to be trained and be able to apply for these offers; and direct and formative advice to the partners of a leading company in aspects related to the job search, such as the preparation of CVs, interviews, etc. “.

Also for Natalia Orive, president of the AJFSF, it is a remarkable agreement because “one of the aspects that we want to improve and to work within our association is the consultancy in work. For this reason, reaching an agreement with such a large and recognized company not only nationally but globally is something that we greatly appreciate and hope that all of our associates can access an improved job search on the market. ‘entire national territory’.

For her part, for Elena del Pozo, Director of the SSGG service at Adecco Outsourcing, “this collaboration highlights one of our hallmarks at Adecco, the advice and help we provide to candidates in their search for employment and in improving their skills of access to the labor market. I think that this could be a good alliance which allows the associates of the Associations to have a partner to accompany them in this process and help them to improve their employability “.

Currently, the AJJFS has more than 1,300 associates and associates likely to benefit from the agreement signed with Adecco Outsourcing. Gracias al, estos / as deportistas tendrn acceso a talleres de formacin sobre empleabilidad en los que se les asesorar sobre cmo prepare a CV, cmo enfrentarse a una entrevista de trabajo, tener visibilidad en las redes sociales laborales y otras pautas necesarias a la look for work. All this, accompanied by access to the many job offers available at Adecco and which cover the work spectrum of associates: qualified profiles, contributors and nurses, administrative, commercial, clerks, warehouse and logistics carriers, etc.

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