Adnan Oktar: Turkish sex sect leader Adnan Oktar considers Bikini vodka Islamic calls his girlfriend kittens – ‘Bikini’, considers vodka Islamic

Turkey’s disputed Muslim cleric Adnan Oktar has been sentenced by an Istanbul court to 1,075 years in 10 different cases. After the life sentence for Adnan, he now has many revelations about him. Despite being a Muslim, Adnan used to promote many things that Islam saw as a crime. Adnan thought the bikini was an “Islamic veil”. Not only that, he also said that there is a ban on drinking alcohol in Islam, but there is no ban on the consumption of viscide or vodka. According to Adnan, he had 1,000 girlfriends, many of whom he called “cats or kittens.” All about the colorful world of Adnan Oktar …

“ Girlfriend ” called “ Billi ”, called young “ Lion ”

Adnan Oktar began his career as a lecturer in the 1980s. Adnan began to organize rallies against Jews and Charles Darwin. He then appeared on Turkish TV, in which he spoke about Islamic values ​​and during this time, girls in very short clothes continued to dance around him to popular music. Adnan called these women “kittens”. Many times Adnan himself used to dance with these girls and sing songs with boys, which he called “Sher”. A former Adnan fan revealed that some of Adnan’s kittens carried two pistols. He also said that rape was normal in the midst of Adnan’s organization. Even raped with 17-year-old girls. The whole organization was filled with filth. The former fan said that upon seeing this his mind was filled with hate and he left Adnan’s organization.

“ Bikini, Islamic Vodka, Namaz twice instead of five ”

The disputed religious leader blamed Adnan Islam’s rules. She believed that wearing a bikini was a Quranic honor. Adnan said: “The bikini is an Islamic veil”. She reportedly told the Turkish police: “Bikini hides the body parts of women, it is enough for the Islamic curtain because that is also said in the Quran. Adnan claimed that Islam only banned alcoholic wines while vodka and whiskey were not banned. Not only that, Adnan and his followers are said to have started offering Namaz twice in place of the 5 times Namaz. Not only that, the time taken to gift Namaz has also been reduced. Adnan claimed in a 2006 article that Charles Darwin’s development theory is the main cause of global terrorism. He wrote 300 books which have been translated into 73 languages.

Adnan Oktar loved girls with thin waists!

Turkish police investigations revealed that Adnan would have liked girls with thick cheeks, thin waists and thick lips. It is for this reason that every girl joining Adnan’s organization has had plastic surgery to make them look beautiful. Many of these kits came from very well read and trained homes. Some former admirers have claimed that if a girl cleans her eyebrows or hair, she will be beaten. Its A9 TV channel began broadcasting online in 2011, which was strongly condemned by Turkish religious leaders. During the police operation against Adnan, 6 trucks of historical objects, 70 weapons and 3,000 bullets and a large amount of cash were found. Human rights activist Idip Ucksel, who campaigned against Adnan, said Adnan was a dirty man who destroyed the lives of many.

Adnan’s 1,000 girlfriends found 69,000 birth control pills

During the hearing into the sexual harassment allegations, Adnan claimed he had a thousand girlfriends. Adnan said he had a lot of love for women in him. Contrary to Adnan’s claim, the women, on condition of anonymity, said they were forcibly sexually assaulted and then forced to take birth control pills. On the other hand, Adnan claims that he used these pills to eliminate the skin problem and to eliminate menstrual disturbances. Due to his behavior, he has already been sentenced several times and he was sentenced to 1075 years by the court. Adnan has also been accused of aiding the insurgency in Turkey. Adnan considers the British deep state to be responsible for all the controversy. It is believed that with this punishment, the world based on the exploitation of Adnan women will end here.

Turkish court sentenced Adnan to 1,075 years

Adnan Oktar was sentenced to 1,075 years in prison for 10 different offenses by an Istanbul court. Adnan is the head of an Islamic sect and the prosecution considers his organization criminal. In 2018, dozens of people from Oktar were arrested in raids across the country. Adnan Oktar preached to the people about fundamentalist opinion. According to the NTV report, Adnan has been charged with sexual offenses, sexual exploitation of minors, fraud and political and military espionage. A case has been initiated against approximately 236 people and 78 of them have been arrested.

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