Adobe Flash Ends Support, Ends An Era

Not so long ago, Adobe Flash gave life to virtually every website in the world. In a world of static content, visiting a website with animations and effects has brought you into a new era. In fact, Adobe Flash was not only used for having interactive websites, the tool was also widely used for creating animation series.

In Spain we find Cálico Electrónico and La Niña Repelente as references. Also, some of the most successful mobile games have been created with Adobe Flash, such as Angry Birds or Clash of Clans. In this way, the technology acquired by Macromedia and, later, Adobe has become fully present in our lives.

Adobe Flash ended its support on December 31

However, the path of the Web was evolving towards standardized and open solutions. Thus, proprietary components such as QuickTime, Adobe Flash or Silverlight fell to make way for HTML5, CSS3, WebGL … Finally, after more than 20 years of life, Adobe animation technology comes to an end, ending its support. at the same time. in which we left 2020.

From 2015, it was Adobe itself that started asking developers to migrate their solutions to HTML5. Finally, in 2017, the company announced that Adobe Flash would die at the turn of the decade. In fact, the latest player update for Windows 10 has started showing the end of support notification.

Flash Player will not only cease to have corporate support, but on January 12 it will prevent content created with this technology from running. The reason is that the vulnerabilities found in Adobe Flash can lead an attacker to gain access to your computer. To avoid this, the company opted for this radical, but also effective solution.

In fact, Microsoft is working on an update to uninstall the Flash Player client from Windows 10 installations. After all, there is no point in keeping an application that won’t really work and can cause serious security issues in the end. ‘having no update support.

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