Adolf Hitler: Adolf Hitler wins elections in Namibia, says – winning the world is not my motive – Adolf Hitler wins elections in Namibia, says there is no plan for world domination

Adolf Hitler won the election of the African country, Namibia. Not surprisingly, he is not a German dictator but a Namibian politician. His full name is Adolf Hitler Unona. What’s great is that the area where Adolf Hitler won was the first German colony. The names of many streets, places and people here still show the influence of Germany. Namibia was a colony of Germany from 1884 until World War I.

Hitler won by 85% of the vote
Adolf Hitler Unona won the Namibian election with over 85% of the vote. After the victory, he jokingly said that I had no intention of taking over the world. Adolf wins on a ticket for Namibia’s ruling party SWAPO. Since becoming independent from apartheid South Africa in 1990, the same party has seized power in Namibia.

Hitler’s party won a majority again
Adolf Hitler Unona received 1,196 votes in the regional council election. However, his opponent had to settle for only 213 votes. His SWAPO party won 57% of the vote across the country. However, his party’s vote percentage in the election at that time was much lower than in previous elections.

I have no connection with the Nazi ideology
Speaking to the media, Adolf Hitler said that I had nothing to do with the Nazi ideology of Germany. My father named me after the German dictator. He probably did not understand what Adolf Hitler represented. He added that as a child I saw my name in a generic form. But, when I grew up, I understood that this man wanted to take over the whole world.

Don’t dream of winning the world
He said my wife only calls me Adolf or Adolf Unona. Now I can’t change my name because it’s officially too late for that. He said having that name doesn’t mean I want to win the whole world.

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