Adolf Hitler: Dictator Hitler’s special crocodile will remain “ alive ” even after death; exhibition to be held in Moscow

Adolf Hitler’s German crocodile saturn will be on display in a museum in Russia after his death. The crocodile died at the Moscow Zoo on May 22, 2020. This crocodile was discovered by British troops in Germany during World War II. Britain later handed it over to the Russian Red Army.

British Army captured in Berlin
The Russian army arrived in 1946 to take the Soviet capital to the crocodile of Saturn. Since then, he has been a major face of the Moscow Zoo. The fame of this crocodile was more among children. Every day a large number of tourists visited this crocodile.

Will be exhibited at the Dorwin Museum
After his death, the crocodile’s skin was donated to the Darwin Museum in Moscow. After which, preparations are underway to keep the straw in her skin for the show. Currently, there are many restrictions placed on Moscow due to infection with the corona virus. In such a situation, it will be posted after these restrictions end in the new year.

Was among Hitler’s favorite animals
According to famous Russian writer Boris Akunin, this crocodile was a major attraction at Berlin Zoo in Nazi Germany. He was considered one of the favorite animals of the dictator Hitler. Moscow Zoo veterinarian Dmitry Vasilev also claimed that Hitler also praised the crocodile on several occasions.

This crocodile was born in America
This crocodile was captured in Mississippi, United States, in 1936. It was then sent to the zoo in Berlin, the capital of Germany, for display. This crocodile was hidden by Nazi soldiers after the bombing of Berlin in November 1943. It was allegedly captured by British soldiers in the sewage water of Berlin. Where a large number of wild animals have been kept.

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