Adolf Hitler’s Gold: Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Truck Treasure and the Golden Train

A historian who had searched for many years for a golden train from Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany has finally found a treasure. The Polish Piotr Koper, with the help of his “Golden Train Foundation”, used sonar and other techniques to track down Nazi convoy trucks. According to the Dailystar report, ancient objects related to the museum were kept in this convoy.

The convoy was submerged in water
He had been searching since December 2020 in a lake in the village of Jarska. According to locals, Adolf Hitler’s forces arrived here in 1945 and later the trucks were submerged in water. Koper told local news site Zgorzelec Nasze Miasto that the search was completed on Sunday. He said that satisfactory results have been received and now the excavation will be carried out here as steel signals have been found.

Treasure hidden inside?
They think it could be the same truck. Whether there is something inside or not, you will only know after digging. Earlier, Guinness High Mountain Diving Record Holder Marcel Corkus was also discovered here. At the same time, Kopar says that now radar data is expected. Once the results are confirmed, a mining authorization will be requested.

quest for the golden train
Before that, Koper had been looking for a Nazi train full of treasure for many years. It is believed to have been hidden in a secret tunnel in Poland when Soviet forces started moving towards the Nazi camp. In August 2015, Koper and his fellow historian Andreas Richter claimed to have found a train in the town of Wallbrick. The local administration searched but found nothing.

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