ADP, Leader for Seventh Consecutive Year in NEAT Payroll Services Report

NelsonHall, Global Business Service Outsourcing Company and IT Services Analyst, Class ADP, Global Leader in the Use of Technology for Human Capital Management (HCM), as its 7th Year Business Leader consecutive. NEAT payroll report 2021. ADP stands out for the quality of its digital payroll management, its Multi-Country capability and its presence in Asia-Pacific. ADP’s performance in each area analyzed is due to its consistency in delivering modern payroll management designed to deal with the complexities of a changing world of work.

NelsonHall’s NEAT is based on a rigorous analysis of supplier performance on their ability to deliver immediate benefits and meet customer needs. Suppliers are identified in one of four categories which include leaders, great directors, innovators and top performers. The NEAT for Digital Payroll Capability analyzes technological engagement and service capacity, and therefore appoints ADP as a leader for having demonstrated great strength in offering solutions with innovative digital capabilities, including cloud software, advanced integrations, intelligent automation, digital payments and its ability to predict events.

Pete Tiliakos, Director of HR Technology and Services Research at NelsonHall, notes: “ADP has once again been recognized as a leader for its offering of an innovative portfolio of payroll solutions and services. developed a suite of digital tools that enable businesses of all sizes to modernize their payroll operations. ADP has also been recognized for achieving high scores in the area of ​​customer satisfaction, both for meeting the current needs of customers and to continue investing to help customer satisfaction businesses. Your customers grow and prosper. “

“We are very proud to receive such significant recognition from NelsonHall for our payroll innovation,” said Don Weinstein, vice president of products and technology at ADP. “Last year highlighted the important role that digital transformation plays in strengthening businesses for the future. For this reason, we continue to bet on advancement in terms of technological innovation. We want to provide businesses with the most modern and customizable tools so that they can adapt to the times. “

Advanced digital capabilities

ADP has been recognized for providing a comprehensive portfolio of payroll solutions and services for businesses of all sizes, including customizable Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, ADP Comprehensive Services, and ADP Comprehensive Outsourcing Services. Additionally, the NEAT report highlights that ADP’s offering operates as a single platform for HCM solutions.

All of the company’s services are supported by digital solutions that modernize payroll operations through ADP’s Next Gen payroll platform. The company provides next-generation technology tools for human resource management such as mobile design, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), user experience enabled for natural language processing (chatbots , geofencinge or analytical reports) and assessment via ADP DataCloud, which provides one of the most robust HCM datasets to aid proactive HR decision making.

In addition, the company has received additional recognition from the ADP market, which is considered one of the largest and most comprehensive markets in the HCM field, and which facilitates integrations and collaborations with third party vendors and partners.

Significant global presence

NelsonHall also recognized ADP for its significant global presence in providing payroll and HCM solutions to 37 million employees worldwide. ADP Global Payroll Services, which unites ADP GlobalView Payroll and ADP Celergo, has strengthened its leadership position with its multi-country capability and presence in Asia-Pacific.

NelsonHall notes that ADP is very focused on delivering global capacity for more countries. Key elements in delivering such global capability include the federated development model, continuous integration of ADP Celergo, and advancing the Next Gen Payroll platform with additional compute capacity. ADP continues to expand its global payroll services offering, with the goal of providing multinational companies of all sizes with a reliable and quality payroll experience.

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