Afghan armed forces against the Taliban: war of the Afghan armed forces against the Taliban, see Taliban control map 2021: what part of Afghanistan is captured by the Taliban

The Taliban have stepped up their attacks since the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. The Taliban claimed their fighters had taken control of 85% of the country. After which the panicked Afghan government turned to India, Russia and China for help. Afghanistan’s National Security Advisor Hamdulla Mohib said Afghanistan welcomes support for any tactical or counterterrorism operation from other countries, including the armies of Russia, China and from India.

Afghan NSA attack on Pakistan
Without naming Pakistan, the Afghan NSA has also said that no foreign country should interfere in the internal affairs of the Afghan government. He said we don’t need to replace one superpower with another. Peace and stability can only come when regional and external cooperation is found in equal measure. We call on external partners to help our defense and security forces fight terrorism.
Afghan government views the Taliban as a political force
We certainly welcome the technical assistance from all external partners, China, India and Russia, he said. Mohib stressed that Afghan officials recognize the Taliban’s right to exist as a legitimate political force, and not as a monopoly with other groups in Afghanistan.

The Taliban control 85% of Afghanistan!
Speaking at a peace conference in Moscow, senior Taliban leader Shahabuddin Delawar announced that you and the entire world community have probably seen recently that 85% of Afghan territory is under our control. On Friday, the Taliban captured Islam’s border town Qila on the Afghan-Iranian border and the Abu Nasa Farahi border post.

The Taliban reinforced by the Biden rush?
Many military experts believe Joe Biden’s hasty decision to withdraw US forces has strengthened the Taliban. US Air Force Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, who is also a former US Department of Defense analyst, told Russian news agency Sputnik that it is highly unlikely that the current government in Afghanistan will continue in the coming months.
The Russian Embassy also surrounded America
The Russian Embassy in the United States also spoke about stability in Afghanistan, saying the situation there is deteriorating rapidly. We attribute this to the precipitous withdrawal of troops from the United States and other NATO countries. The U.S. intelligence community has also said Afghanistan will collapse within six months of the U.S.-led coalition pulling out.

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