Afghan army helicopter crashed: Afghan army MI-17 helicopter crashed in Wardak province, killing 9 – Afghan army Mi-17 helicopter crashed in Wardak province

An army helicopter crashed in Afghanistan’s Vardak province for decades, killing all nine people on board. Officials released this information on Thursday. According to the DPA news agency, the Defense Ministry said in a statement, the Mi-17 helicopter crashed in the Hesa-e-Aswal Behsud district.

The statement said the victims included four crew members and five security personnel. The case is under investigation. According to local authorities, the helicopter was going to rescue a soldier injured at the time of the accident. The incident comes at a time when a high-profile summit is due to be held in Moscow on Thursday in an effort to find a peaceful solution to the long-standing conflict in Afghanistan.

An official delegation from Kabul and a Taliban militant group are also expected to attend the conference in the Russian capital. Peace talks between the Taliban and Afghan government officials, which began in Qatar in September 2020, have stalled in recent months, with no concrete progress.

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