Afghan army vs Taliban: Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump … Why is the Afghan army still not standing in front of the Taliban? – know why the Afghan army cannot fight with the Taliban without the help of the army

Almost 20 years ago today, US President George W Bush stormed Afghanistan after the horrific attack by the terrorist organization Al Qaeda. After Bush, the United States’ war against Al Qaeda and the Taliban continued in Afghanistan until the regimes of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Meanwhile, newly elected President Joe Biden has now announced a complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. As US forces withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban have started a bitter war. The Taliban attempt to overthrow the current official government of Afghanistan at gunpoint. To achieve this goal, the Taliban terrorists carry out vigorous attacks. The situation is that Taliban terrorists have reached the north of the capital Kabul. The Afghan army is proving to be very weak in stopping the bloodshed of Taliban terrorists. Tell us why the Afghan army is proving to be a failure even after 20 years of American training and military spending of billions of dollars.

The United States spent $ 88 billion on security

Announcing the end of the war in Afghanistan, Joe Biden said: “This is the end of America’s longest war. It is time for the American soldiers to return home. Biden also said the United States will continue to provide long-term security assistance to Afghan security forces so that Afghanistan does not once again become a haven for terrorists. At the same time, these terrorists cannot even attack America in the future. This is the reason America attacked Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin recently claimed that the Afghan military has become more capable of protecting its border and its people. He also said that America will continue to help the Afghan army and air force in the times to come. The United States provided $ 88 billion in security assistance to Afghanistan until December of last year. This year, too, $ 3 billion will be spent in the name of security.

Find out why the Afghan army is failing

Even after spending billions of dollars on the security of Afghanistan, the Afghan military continues to struggle with poor leadership, migration and incompetence. An American general who trained the Afghan army told the NPR news site: “What is sad is that the cake is not yet fully baked.” We have lost our patience. We unilaterally announced our return. Our withdrawal created a vacuum in many areas, giving the Taliban the opportunity to withdraw and this Afghan army was not ready. The Afghan army does not receive a salary on time. His leadership is weak. The war with the Taliban caused the Afghan army to lose a large number of its soldiers. This dramatically lowered the morale of the Afghan army soldiers. The Taliban claim to have captured 80% of Afghanistan. On this announcement from Biden, members of his own party are wondering. Pentagon official and Democratic Party leader Alyssa Slotkin said during this announcement I want to know what to do to make sure the terrorists don’t band together and attack us or our allies.

America will remain active from outside Afghanistan

Biden said the campaign against terrorism will continue from outside Afghanistan. Biden indicated that the operation against terrorists will continue in the coming times from warships in Pakistan or Tajikistan or in the Persian Gulf. Biden announced his withdrawal from Afghanistan, but the Taliban have yet to sever ties with al Qaeda, which was a condition of the deal between the two sides. The Taliban continue to carry out attacks in eastern Afghanistan in conjunction with al-Qaeda. Al Qaeda terrorists have been the target of airstrikes by US and Afghan forces in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. General David Petraeus, former director of the CIA and who led the US military in Afghanistan, says the extent of terrorist activity is a matter of concern. He said it would also be of concern if the Taliban were militarily stronger and allowed their terrorist groups to remain active. Another US defense expert, Fred Kagan, says we won’t be able to do much real-time espionage anymore. In addition, our attack capacity will now also be limited.

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