Afghan Duran Line with Pakistan: dispute over Durand Line between Afghanistan Pakistan and the Taliban

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani blamed the Taliban for the ongoing violence and losses in the country. He asked the Taliban to promise not to accept the Durand Line, while expressing their love for Afghanistan. At the same time, when the US military quietly left the country, Ghani said he asked Donald Trump to leave the country two years ago.

In Khost province, Ghani called on the country to stay united and support independence, Swarajya and coexistence, Tolo News reported. Ghani said the Taliban should think about what they are fighting for. Who will benefit when Afghanistan is ruined and Afghans are killed? He wondered if the Taliban are fighting for Afghanistan or to hand over the reins to another country?

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Tip for Pakistan?
This statement by Ghani is seen as a gesture towards Pakistan. In fact, Ghani said, “If you love Afghanistan, then promise you won’t follow the Durand line, promise you won’t go the one-way street, promise you won’t give Afghanistan water. to others and will not serve others.

The Durand Line is a 2,640 km long border between Afghanistan and Pakistan which was drawn by the British rulers in 1896. Islamabad accepts it while Afghanistan opposes it. He alleges that Pakistan kept its share of the land in its possession.

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“The Taliban continue to commit violence”
Ghani said the Afghan government has made efforts to move towards peace, but the Taliban continues to engage in violence. He said the Taliban should hold talks and not destroy the country by questioning foreigners. He said the battle was not lost on the battlefield but because of rumors and propaganda.

“Warned Trump to leave”
At the same time, about the departure of the US military, Ghani said he left with honor. He asked, “Did I ask him to stay here? Didn’t I say seven years ago that they would be gone. Didn’t I write a letter to (then) President (Donald) Trump two years ago asking him to leave? “
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