Afghan Forces Commander Says Helmand Residents Evacuate Area Where We Will Kill Taliban

Strong points

Taliban heading for provincial capitals captured 9 of 10 districts in Lashkargah Commander urged people to leave Kabul area
The Taliban advance in southern Afghanistan continued on Tuesday. The group captured nine of the 10 districts in the capital of Helmand province. Residents and officials gave this information. At the same time, Afghan forces were carrying out airstrikes to save the city of Lashkar Gah with the help of America. The exit from Lashkar Gah will be a major turning point in the Taliban attack. The group has stepped up its attacks in recent months as part of the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from the war-torn country.

Taliban fighters on the loose
It will be the first provincial capital to be captured by the Taliban. Townspeople, speaking to The Associated Press by phone, said the fighting had confined them to their homes. They are unable to leave their homes, even for basic necessities. They say Taliban fighters roam the streets freely. He has control over everything but one district of Lashkar Gah. Specific command units were dispatched from Kabul to assist the Afghan forces.

The commander said: evacuate the Helmand
The government occupies important government buildings, including the local police and army headquarters. Helmand Provincial Council Deputy Chairman Majeed Akhund confirmed that the Taliban had captured nine neighborhoods in Lashkar Gah and the city’s television and radio stations and that their broadcasts had ceased. Sami Sadat, the commander of Afghan forces in Helmand, told residents of Taliban-controlled areas in a message shared with reporters on Tuesday: “Please go with your families. We will not leave the Taliban alive… I know it’s difficult… We are doing it for your future.

Taliban heading for provincial capitals
He’s hinting at more airstrikes with this call. Lashkar Gah is one of the capitals of three provinces besieged by the Taliban. Besides Helmand, Kandahar and the capital of Herat province are also under siege by the Taliban. The Taliban have stepped up their attacks on government forces. In recent months, the Taliban have taken dozens of districts across the country, many in remote and rural areas. The Taliban began to move towards the provincial capitals.

American soldiers declared responsible
On the other hand, 95% of US and NATO troops have returned and the remaining troops are expected to return from Afghanistan by August 31. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Monday accused the precipitous withdrawal of US troops and NATO of the deteriorating security situation in the country. Afghan forces were seen pushing back the Taliban on Tuesday in the capital of Herat province.

10 civilians killed in Lashkargah
Herat civilian airport has reopened. Meanwhile, the UN mission in the country on Tuesday called on Twitter for an immediate end to the fighting in the densely populated urban areas. The United Nations said 10 civilians have been killed and 85 injured in Lashkar Gah in the past three days. Five civilians were killed and 42 injured in Kandahar. In contrast, on Tuesday, four people were killed and 20 others injured in an attack targeting the Afghan defense minister and several lawmakers.

Attack in the safest area of ​​Kabul
Several explosions followed one another in the green zone of Kabul on Tuesday. The Afghan army has asked residents to evacuate the southern city so that the militants can be suppressed. Security officials told AFP four people were killed and 20 injured in Tuesday’s attack. The Afghan Interior Ministry said the attack was successfully foiled and all the attackers were shot dead by security forces.

The Minister of Defense referred to
A spokesperson for the Interior Ministry said the area was now safe and large numbers of people had been rescued. According to an AFP report, the first bombing took place Tuesday evening in central Kabul. After the explosion, a plume of smoke spread across the sky. Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammadi said it was a suicide car bomb attack targeting his house. He said that unfortunately some of my guards were injured in this attack.

finger pointing at the taliban
Less than two hours after the bombing of Kama, there was another massive explosion. After that, many small explosions and gunshots terrified Kabul. The attack took place near the Green Zone, the safest area in Kabul, where several embassies, including the US mission, are present. According to sources, several assailants stormed the home of an MP after the Kama bombing and shot at the residence of the Minister of Defense from there. So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Washington has blamed the Taliban.

march in support of Afghan forces
Kabul police chief spokesman Firdous Farmarz said hundreds of residents of the area had been evacuated. He had said earlier that security personnel were conducting door-to-door searches to locate attackers hiding in the area. On the one hand, the attack stunned Kabul, while on the other hand, people marched through the streets of Kabul and brandished slogans “Allahu Akbar” and “Death to the Taliban” in support of Afghan forces fighting against them. insurgents in three regional capitals. The resident of Kabul said that we support the Afghan forces and all those who are against the Taliban and are fighting on the front line.

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