Afghan Foreign Ministry Says Ambassador’s Daughter Kidnapped and Tortured in Pakistan

The Afghan foreign ministry claimed that the daughter of the country’s ambassador to Pakistan was abducted and then physically and mentally tortured in Islamabad. According to the ministry, this was revealed in an investigation. According to the ministry, medical reports and relevant evidence indicate that Silsila Alikhel was assaulted and then tortured on July 17.

the crime cannot be justified
The petition was filed by Ambassador Najeeb Alikhel regarding the kidnapping of his daughter in the Pakistani capital. The ministry added that such an offense can never be justified on the basis of medical reports and other evidence and that the Pakistani government is obligated to ensure the safety of diplomats and their family members on the basis of conventions. international.

A team will be sent to Pakistan for investigation
He reiterated that the Pakistani government should speed up its investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice. Afghanistan is ready to send a delegation to Pakistan to conduct a joint investigation into the matter and share relevant information and evidence. The ministry’s claims come after Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid called the incident a tragedy and a larger plot against Islamabad.

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