Afghan government warns India Pakistani Lashkar E Taiba moves base to country: Afghanistan warns India, Lashkar builds base in Taliban territory

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Afghanistan has warned India that Lashkar is establishing its base in Afghanistan, this development came at a time when the Taliban captured half of Afghanistan, now there is fear that terrorists may set foot in them. areas where the regime does not have a hackabul
The Afghan government has warned India that the Pakistani terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba is moving its base from Pakistan to Afghanistan. This development comes at a time when the Taliban have captured more than half of the Afghan territory. Today, there are fears that terrorists will set foot in areas of Afghanistan where the government is not governed.

According to the DNA report, Afghan officials briefed India on the matter. He specifically mentions Lashkar and Jaish-e-Mohammed. Officials said Pakistan wanted to wipe out all international terrorist groups from its soil in northern and southern Waziristan and send them to Afghanistan. Pakistan is thus trying to get out of the FATF gray list.
The Afghan President’s Grand Attack on Pakistan, the Taliban’s Deep Ties with Lashkar and Jaish-e-Mohammed
“Deep links” with the Taliban terrorist organizations Lashkar and Jaish
In the same month, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani openly criticized Pakistan and said 10,000 jihadists entered Afghanistan from Pakistan last month. He made this statement to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in Uzbekistan. Not only that, in another statement, Ghani said the Taliban had “deep ties” with the Lashkar, Jaish and Al Qaeda terrorist organizations.

Ghani said the Taliban were trying to make Afghanistan a “paradise” for terrorists. He said the Afghan government will not allow this to happen. Ghani pledged that he would continue to provide all necessary assistance to the Afghan special operations forces. Now it has also been revealed that Pakistani ID cards have been found on many terrorists killed in Afghanistan. In addition, Taliban terrorists are being treated in hospitals in Pakistan.

Taliban destroy 260 government buildings
The Afghan president has also said in the past that the Taliban has no desire for peace. The government will now make a decision based on this Taliban wish for the future. He said, “The Taliban have proven a lot. There is no desire for peace within the Taliban. He said the Taliban destroyed 260 government buildings. If it is Afghans, they should refrain from destroying people’s homes. Ghani said we have released 5,000 Taliban prisoners but they still don’t want peace.

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