Afghan National Army against the Taliban: Afghan army pushes back Taliban fighters from northern Kaldar district

After the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban fighters, who created the terror, suffered a heavy defeat by the commando unit of the Afghan army. This special contingent of the Afghan army pushed back the Taliban from the districts of northern Afghanistan. Not only that, the Afghan army also killed the terrorists who occupied the border between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Building on this victory, the Afghan army is now working on a plan to launch a swift attack on new Taliban positions.

Taliban captured a month ago
According to reports, the Afghan army drove the Taliban out of Kaldar district after gaining support from local residents. Kaldar is an important strategic area in Balkh province, the northern border region of Afghanistan. Its borders are adjacent to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The district, located on the banks of the Amu River, came under Taliban control a month ago.

Uzbek border freed from the Taliban
After the capture of this neighborhood, Taliban fighters took control of the city of Heratan. Trade between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan passes through this city. In such a situation, not only did trade stop after the Taliban occupation, but the danger to the countries on the border had also increased. The operation to free Kaldar took place on Monday morning, during which security forces, along with the local population, drove the Islamist Taliban group from the area.

Afghan army kills 20 Taliban terrorists
It is reported that 20 Taliban fighters were killed in this operation by the Afghan army, while many were injured. Control of the district by the Afghan army came amid clashes near provincial centers in Faryab and Takhar provinces in the northern region. In Ghazni and Kandahar, located in southern Afghanistan, the war between the Afghan army and the Taliban continues.

Taliban terrorists attack with mortars and rockets
Heavy fighting has been taking place since last week in many areas, including the town of Faryab in Maimana. Taliban fighters use mortars and rockets to attack government targets. 16 people, including three civilians, were reportedly killed in the attacks on Maimana. Afghan National Security Forces spokesman Ajmal Omar Shinwari said that in 25 provinces we have had clashes with the Taliban, in which the Afghan forces have won important victories. The general said some 1,500 Taliban fighters were killed and more than 800 wounded in the Afghan government attacks this week. The Taliban rejected these speculations.

Afghan army commando unit falls heavily on Taliban
Balkh Governor Adil Shah Adil praised the Afghan security forces for gaining an advantage over the Taliban and said the government would make efforts to protect civilians. To counter Taliban attacks across much of the country, the Afghan army has deployed very active special forces units to reclaim important strategic areas. Compared to the formations of the regular army, these units are better armed and equipped and have more chances of victory in the event of attack of the Taliban.
21,000 commandos included in the Afghan army
21,000 commandos operate under the special operations command of the Afghan National Army. While the total strength of the armed forces is around 186,000 soldiers. The ANA Special Operations Command tweeted that the Kaldar district of Balkh province has been freed from Taliban militants. Earlier on Tuesday, the Taliban attempted to shoot down an Afghan military helicopter and capture the center of Nade-e-Ali district in Helmand province.

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