Afghan Taliban War: “Shameless policymakers and the Pak army don’t want Afghans fighting the enemy inside their homes”

New Delhi / Kabul
An editorial in the Afghanistan Times said shameless policymakers and the Pakistani military do not want Afghans fighting the enemy inside their homes. Officials at the presidential palace said Pakistan had warned the Afghan Air Force against any attack on Taliban fighters in the Spin Boldak border district.

“As a neighboring country, we always want to share the happiness and sorrow with the Afghans, making such statements clearly,” he said. However, this is not the first time that Afghans have received such hostile messages from the neighboring country and Islamabad is blamed for its activities. Against the stability of Afghanistan since the early 1980s, but this time the shameless policymakers and Pakistani military don’t want the Afghans to fight the enemy inside their homes.

“This is the height of shamelessness and hostility displayed by the Pakistani government and military,” the editorial said. He said he clearly proved that “Pakistan is the godfather of the Taliban and fully supports the terrorist group against the internationally recognized government and its neighbors.”

“There is now no one in Afghanistan, or in the international community, to justify or support Pakistan’s claims of supporting the peace efforts in Afghanistan,” the newspaper said. This is a proxy war launched by Pakistan in Afghanistan and the Taliban terrorists are waging this war on behalf of Islamabad and unfortunately against their own people, against their brothers and sisters.

The editorial added that the Afghan government and the country’s diplomatic corps must give a firm response to this blunt warning. “The Foreign Ministry should follow suit in international diplomatic circles to reveal the true face and intentions of Pakistan to the world and make them believe that what Pakistan is saying about Afghanistan is contrary to its intentions,” a- he declared. ‘

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