afghan tarvel advisory: Indian embassy in Kabul issues security advisory for Indian nationals in Afghanistan: security advisory for Indian citizens in Afghanistan

The Indian Embassy in Kabul has issued a security advisory regarding the safety of Indians living in Afghanistan. The advisory states that Indians living, visiting and working in Afghanistan should exercise extreme caution at all times. The embassy also said the security situation in several provinces of Afghanistan remains dangerous. In such situation, if it is not very important, Indian citizens should not even come to this country.

Instructions for being vigilant in vehicle traffic
The Indian Embassy, ​​in a two-page travel advisory, said terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan had stepped up their violent activities, including against civilians. Indian citizens are not spared either, they also face serious threats like kidnapping. Civilian vehicles are targeted by placing IEDs on the side of the road and using magnetic IEDs. Therefore, utmost caution should be exercised when moving any vehicle.

forbidden to go to public places
All Indian nationals visiting, residing and working in Afghanistan are urged to exercise the utmost care and safety caution when traveling to and from the office, place of residence and office. The Indian Embassy has also advised its citizens to avoid all non-essential travel. People were advised to stay away, especially crowded places, from any government convoy or vehicle.

The Taliban in preparation to reach Afghanistan without going to war, America also surprised by the terrorists’ plan
It was also forbidden to leave the main cities
The Indian Embassy has also called on Indians living in Afghanistan not to leave major cities. People were prohibited from entering shopping complexes, mandis, restaurants and other public places. Indians are also at risk of kidnapping when they leave major cities. The embassy has also asked all Indians arriving in Afghanistan to register on the consulate’s website or by email.

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Taliban occupy most of the Afghan border
These days, the Taliban have stepped up their attacks in the border areas of Afghanistan. The Taliban claim to have captured 90% of the country, but the United States believes that half of the country is now ruled by the Taliban. The Taliban have captured Shir Khan Bandar, the main border post with Tajikistan. Trade stopped at border posts controlled by the Taliban. In such a situation, the Afghan government faces a huge loss of revenue. Apart from that, there is a shortage of food and drink in the capital Kabul due to a supply disruption.

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All of Afghanistan is burnt by war
The Taliban have captured major highways and border posts in the provinces of Herat, Farha, Kandahar, Kunduz, Takhar and Badakhshan connecting Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Imports and exports of $ 2.9 billion go through these channels. The Afghan government of Ashraf Ghani currently occupies border posts with Iran and Pakistan in the provinces of Nangarhar, Paktya, Paktika, Khost and Nimroj. The total value of trade through these routes is approximately $ 2 billion. Even America is shocked by this well thought out plan by the terrorists. Many experts in the US military have also warned of the rise of the Taliban.

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