Afghanistan: 34 people killed in two separate explosions in Afghanistan; 34 killed in suicide bombings in Afghanistan, city of Ghazni

Despite the peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan, the terrorist attacks do not take a name. At least 34 people were killed Sunday in two bombings. At the same time, it is reported that a large number of people were injured. The first attack targeted a military base in Afghanistan. While the second attack attempted to kill the head of the provincial council.

Terrorists target military base
Officials in Ghazni province in eastern Afghanistan said the attacker took a military vehicle loaded with explosives to the military commando base and detonated it. In this, 31 soldiers were killed and 24 others were injured. The head of Ghazni hospital said the dead were all military. It is said that the suicide bomber also shot at the door of the military base before detonating the car.

Attack on the convoy of the head of the provincial council
Authorities in southern Afghanistan said the Jubal suicide bomber targeted a convoy of the head of the provincial council in a car. The attack killed at least three people and injured 12 others, including children. The head of the provincial council survived Sunday’s attack and was slightly injured. No one immediately claimed responsibility for these attacks.

14 people died in the explosion 5 days ago
On Tuesday, 14 people, including a traffic cop, were killed and 45 injured when a roadside bomb exploded in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan province on Tuesday. Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Ariyan said 45 people were injured in the afternoon blast in Bamian town in Bamian province. Many shops and vehicles were damaged by the explosion.

Who are the Taliban terrorists?
The Taliban were born in northern Pakistan in the 90s. At that time, the army of the then Soviet Union (Russia) was returning to its country after defeating Afghanistan. The Taliban first emerged under the leadership of the Pashtuns in Afghanistan in 1994. It is believed that the Taliban first made their presence known through religious events or madrassas in which most of the money used came from from Saudi Arabia. After the migration of the Soviet Union from Afghanistan in the late 1980s, there was a conflict between several factions, after which the Taliban was born.

The UN chief made the appeal
Concerned about the continuing violence in Afghanistan, UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutaras urged Afghanistan’s neighbors and allies to play their part in ensuring peace and its prosperous future in the war-torn country. At the same time, he expressed his deep concern at the enormous violence and also called for accelerating the efforts for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.

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