Afghanistan NSA Nawaz Sharif: Aghanistan NSA Hamdullah Mohib meets Nawaz Sharif in London amid Taliban tension

London / Islamabad
The Pakistani government, which has given the Taliban a “free kick” in Afghanistan, may face challenges in its own country. On the other hand, Imran Khan’s government has kept spitting fire against the Afghan NSA (National Security Advisor), here it meets the NSA government’s biggest enemy. Hamdulla Mohib met former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in London and since then the discussion has intensified that the two are engaged in the implementation of political planning.

Mohib and Minister of State for Peace Syed Saadat Naderi discussed issues of “common interest” in London, according to a statement. Since then, the discussion has intensified in the political halls that after seeing the position of the current government of Pakistan, Afghanistan has started to focus on working with its opponents. Especially when the allegations of fighting with the Taliban are brought against the Pakistani army, the intelligence agencies and the terrorist organizations which multiply there.

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Mohib also claimed in an interview with Sky News that, according to intelligence agencies, 15,000 new Taliban fighters are entering Afghanistan while 10,000 Taliban fighters have arrived from Pakistan. He alleged that the Taliban are dressed in Pakistan and live comfortably in the neighboring country.

Ghani had hit the target
Mohib also supported claims made in reports in the past and said that these fighters were being treated in hospitals in Pakistan and that they also received support from the military. Earlier, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani also told the Taliban without naming Pakistan that if he loved the country he would not follow the Durand Line and wondered if he was following the instructions of a foreigner.

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Ruckus on Qureshi’s statement
The Afghan NSA has also said without naming Pakistan that no foreign country should interfere in the internal affairs of the Afghan government. Pakistan’s bitter attitude towards Mohib has lasted a long time. Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi, in an interview with Tolo News of Afghanistan, gave the Taliban a big blow for the violence there. He said the Taliban are not only responsible for the violence in Afghanistan, but also for those who do not want to bring peace to war-torn Afghanistan. Its target was the current government of Afghanistan.

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Mohib responded
To this, Mohib wrote that this (Qureshi’s statement) comes as the Taliban continue to carry out violent attacks against the Afghan people across the country. We know how and why they (the Taliban) are able to do it. Qureshi is either ignorant, ignorant or collaborator. He can even rule out the fact that Osama was found next to the Pakistani military headquarters.

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