afghanistan pakistan terrorism: action of afghanistan against taliban, more than 70 commanders, 152 pakistani fighters killed – more than 60 taliban commanders killed by afghan forces

The Afghan Ministry of Internal Affairs released a list on Sunday announcing that around 70 Taliban commanders were killed in the operation launched a month ago in Helmand and Kandhar. The operation was launched by Afghan security forces in response to Taliban attacks. According to the ministry, 20 commanders came from different parts of Helmand and led groups of 45 to 100 members. At the same time, around 40 Taliban commanders were killed in Kandhar.

Pak fighters killed in Helmand
The 10 commanders killed in Helmand were from Uruzga, Kandhar and Ghazni. Releasing the list to reporters, the ministry said at least 152 Pakistani fighters had been killed in Helmand province. According to the data, 65 bodies were transferred via Durand Line while 35 bodies were transported to Farah, 54 to Helmand, 13 to Jabul and 13 to Uruzgan province.

134 civilians were killed.
During this period, 30 Taliban commanders were injured in Helmand. The operation was led by the army chief of staff, General Mohammad Yasin Jia. The operation is still ongoing, but the ministry said the Taliban had been defeated. The spokesperson also said that in the past 25 days, at least 134 ordinary people have been killed and 289 injured in Taliban attacks. At the same time, the Taliban denied the ministry’s statement.

Pakistani terrorists active in Afghanistan
Significantly, a UN report released in July indicated that around 6,000 to 6,500 Pakistani terrorists are active in neighboring Afghanistan, most of whom are linked to “ Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan ” and both. Are a threat to At the same time, the US Department of Defense of the Pentagon, in its report on Afghanistan, also described the border area of ​​Afghanistan and Pakistan as a safe haven for terrorist organizations.

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