Afghanistan recalls ambassador: Afghanistan recalls ambassador after abduction of ambassador’s daughter, tensions with Pakistan at their peak

Afghanistan has recalled embassy staff in Islamabad, taking strict measures in connection with the kidnapping of its ambassador’s daughter. The Afghan ambassador to Pakistan and other diplomats left Islamabad and returned to Kabul on the orders of President Ashraf Ghani. The day before, Silsila, the daughter of Afghan Ambassador Najibullah Alikhil, had been kidnapped. After that the tension between the two countries reached its peak.

Afghan President gave a strong message
Ashraf Ghani said the kidnappers of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter should be brought to justice, said Waheed Omar, adviser to the Afghan president. He also said that the safety of Afghan diplomats in Pakistan should be ensured. There are already tensions between the two countries over the issue of support for the Taliban.

The ambassador’s daughter was tortured
According to the report, the daughter of Afghan Ambassador Silsila was inhumanly tortured after being kidnapped. Even their bones were broken. Even after this horrific incident, the cycle of shameful antics continued. A fake bloodstained photo of Silsila Alikhil has gone viral on social media. After that, the helpless father had to post the real photo of his daughter.

Tension already in Pakistan-Afghanistan
Afghanistan has repeatedly expressed its dissatisfaction with Pakistan’s relations with the Taliban. Two days ago, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Imran Khan sat on the same podium in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. Ashraf Ghani even accused Pakistan of sending 10,000 fighters to Afghanistan. He also said Pakistan was not taking the lead in the talks despite its ties to the Taliban.

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