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If the name of Afghanistan comes, perhaps first the image of the fear of the Taliban emerges before the eyes, but the social media influencers here bring out the aspect of this beautiful country which is hidden from the world. Filled with youthful zeal and courage, Afghan women are themselves changing the Zucchini mentality of the Taliban. Whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Tick-Talk, the new generation of Afghans blowing up the country’s tradition and style is nothing less than an example given the history here. Coming out of the environment hostile to Western civilization, these celebrities follow not only Afghan stars but also Western creators. They take selfies in front of the Graffiti walls of Kabul and make trendy videos. Bollywood dances to the tunes and also completes the challenge of Hollywood faces.

Risk but don’t fold

Young Afghans also market their businesses on social media and promote themselves by becoming ambassadors for local businesses. Although this may seem like the story of the common youth of the world, it is risky for them to embrace “modernity”. The only difference is that now they are not ready to bow and that freedom continues to creep in like a silent movement. Reports of violence against journalists, human rights activists and politicians are common in the country and no influencers have been targeted so far, but it is a threat they cannot even be addressed. sure.

Businesses grow on their own

Ayeda Shadab, 26, is a social media star from Afghanistan. Shadab, who modeled for his luxury boutique in Kabul, has more followers than President Ashraf Ghani on his Instagram account. People join them on their fashion and lifestyle and cheer them on, but some people also learn to cover their heads. He told the insider: “Fear of the heart is part of life in Afghanistan, but you have to stand up and live your life. We want to show people that it is possible. His fame brought him closer to the people, which leads to more excitement.

Strength too

Sadika appeared on the supporting singing reality show Afghan Star and is now a social media star. The interesting thing is that their videos are very common, which allows young people to relate to them. She shoots and edits videos on the phone itself. He is very religious so while expressing himself on social media he is widely known for creating decency. She wants to pursue a career in singing and proves contrary to people’s concerns how her dreams can be found without hurting anyone’s feelings. Sadaika wears designer clothes from Shadab’s boutique, so her career benefits.

And change society

The Business Insider report cited the Asian Foundation’s Survey of the Afghan People, 2019, as saying that only 14% of the country’s residents use the internet for news and information. In 2015, 25% of households had access to the Internet by phone but now it has declined. Maryam Vardak launched a “We Think Digital” campaign with 14 women as Shadab. Maryam works against bigotry with Facebook. He says these social media star Afghan women are bringing cultural tolerance into today’s society with a message each.

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